Atooma Beta Android app will make your Smartphone even more Smarter

Get any kind of task automagically done on your Android Smartphone with Atooma Beta.

One of the best features of Android is that you can use apps to automate your tasks, based on a wide range of conditions, and make your life easier. There are some great apps out there for task automatization and Atooma is one of the latest addition.

Atooma Beta Leaves Private Beta and is Now on the Store - Makes Your Smartphone Smarter

Just to remind you, the developer of Atooma told us weeks ago that after some finishing touch it will end its period of private beta and go to public beta. As promised, you can now download Atooma Beta Android app for free from the Play Store and start creating all the “IF” and “DO” you want.

It is in fact an app able to “automate” a whole series of functions on Android: following the occurrence of one or more conditions (if), it will be you to choose how the system should react (do). This seems so simple, but the set of actions-reactions that you will be able to trigger are many: from the simple autoresponder to a complex battery saver which comes into operation at various stages of charge.  If your imagination is not enough, you can always download the creations of others, just as you could with Tasker.

Before leaving the to download the app, here are some of the main changes in the public beta:

  • New graphic interface
  • Landscape/Portrait support
  • Invite your friends by Facebook and email
  • External app connection manager
  • Bug fixing

Download Atomma for Android free by hitting the widget below.
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