AQUAPOLIS Android Game: Develop your own city under water (Review)


Aquapolis is derived from Latin word “aqua” which means “water” and the Greek word “poli”, meaning “city”. With this in mind, you can easily perceive what the AQUAPOLIS Android game is all about– a city under water.

The Aquapolis game developed by CandyGrill is some sort of a simulation game. It brings out the builder, developer, and the farmer within the user. Be entertained by the colourful fishes swimming nearby, underwater flowers, corals, and discover the mysterious cave creature.

To further understand what I am talking about, download the game which is available free for both iOS and Android and let’s get moving!

Aquapolis-Build a megapolis! (FREE)

Aquapolis starts with some animated story-telling to familiarize you with the game. A long-gone spaceship with three passengers travelling back to Earth were surprised to see what has become of the world. As they grasp the reality, they came to face the citizens of the Aquapolis who can communicate with humans using telepathy. Professor, Lana, and Captain will guide you on your journey. Then the adventure begins. Aquapolis involves farming, city-building, experiments, and educating the underwater creatures that you meet along the way. The game adds pieces of experiences, ideas, and knowledge with words that you don’t encounter in usual games. I must say; this game will stir your curiosity.

AQUAPOLIS Android Game review

In Aquapolis Android game, your first task is farming. You must first farm for edible food for you and the underwater citizens to survive. Building an underwater village into a modern and thriving underwater city requires patience, knowledge and perseverance. Starting from a small plot of land, your quests for marine farming begins. There are forty-five technologies to learn as you advance on the game. It includes Farming, flour production, sugar production, meat production, and many more.

Farming, the first technology, starts with planting wheat lotus. You have to finish one technology at a time before you can advance to the next. And you have to build your home and a place for the citizens since they are staying in a shabby shack. Once a building construction is done, cut the ribbon to open it. Aquapolis includes four main types of buildings; they are Residential, production, attraction and decoration. The Residential context of Aquapolis ranges from simple Bungalow, a lovely cottage, to the high-rise building and skyscraper. But you can’t advance from Bungalow to the skyscraper without acquiring the tools needed. As you improve your technology and building skills, there will be land available to buy at certain levels. Upon reaching the levels which allow you to buy land, it will be your chance to grow your city, adding more areas to your property, build more buildings, widen your farm and build roads to make your city accessible to make things better. You will have to educate the underwater citizens and boosts the economy as well. You can buy or sell items to the underwater citizens. Mind you, they know how to bargain!

It’s easy to keep track of your improvement, tools, gems, and coins thanks to the stylish buttons at the bottom of the game screen. You can tap any buttons anytime to refresh your memory.

As you expand your city, you will discover great mysteries, which makes the game of exploring more exciting. But you will only unlock secrets in certain levels, keeping in mind that you have a city to look after. Taking your buildings to new heights is only a part of the challenge. You have to maintain your farm, roads and buildings in good condition, too. You have to repair them using special tools. As it does in the real world, so it is as well in Aquapolis.

Maintaining cleanliness is also an important task in Aquapolis. Balanced Ecology level should be preserved. It is one of the things which you should not neglect as your city expands. Every production building you construct lowers the ecology level. Heaps of garbage is a sign that your ecology level has dropped below zero; meanwhile, flowers will grow around the city if your ecology level is average. Maintain your ecology level and earn more silver coins when you gather flowers and remove garbage.

From Day 1 of your Aquapolis quests, you can have bonus to saving in your storage chest. Login everyday to claim your daily bonus. Collect keys to open the treasure chest which contains tools, coins, food supply, gems, blueprints and more.

You can link Aquapolis to your Facebook account and play with friends who also play the game. In that way, you can give help or ask assistance in repairs of your city. Or you can be more adventurous and get ready to compete for the lead.

+ Good stuff

  • Animated story-telling
  • Great visual animation
  • Good audio
  • Lots of advancing technologies to learn
  • Numerous stuff to discover
  • Easy to learn and play

– Bad stuff

  • Lack of tutorial on Aquapolis could dissuade newbies.


Download Aquapolis-Build a megapolis! (FREE)

CandyGrill did fairly well with AQUAPOLIS Android game providing you with the essential elements of a simulation game, the unique setting, and a new approach to the concept. People who enjoy farming and building will love this game especially with the fact that you get to build everything underwater.