App Volume for Android allows to set Volume level for Individual App

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On Feb 7, 2013
Last modified:Feb 24, 2013


App Volume for Android is a very handy to specify different volume level for different apps so user don't have adjust volume frequently.

Most of us use third-party sound management app on our Android device. But one function is highly likely to miss on these sound control apps. It would be great to specify sound level for individual app so we don’t have to be annoyed while switch between apps or get embarrassed when start to play games on a quite environment. Fortunately for us there is a solution on the Store waiting to be downloaded called App Volume.

app volume for android download

Most apps for volume setting allow you to change how the system reacts to different notifications. They also offer profiles and widgets for quick access to your volume settings. What they miss out on is setting the volume for each app. In fact such a solution is very hard to find on the Store. We think this feature should come by default on android. However with App Volume for android,  like the naming suggests users can set the volume level for each app installed on your system.

App Volume provides a very clean and easy to use UI and it will be very easy to set it from the first start. App Volume acts on the MUSIC stream volume, this means that the volume of calls, notifications, messages and alarms will never be modified by this App. It acts for the media volume and works for games and apps alike. If you use a music player, set its volume and forget about tampering with it before you insert the headphones. The app will restore the right volume for each app you open next times.


PROS of App Volume for Android:

+ Setting volume for all apps

+ Easy to use

+ Restores volume

CONS of App Volume Android App:

- No trial or free version

App Volume is available for a small fee on the play store. Hit the widget below to download it.