AndWobble2 Android App and Live Wallpaper Download Free


AndWobble2 is a pretty cool and awesome app for Android. AndWobble2 will turn your favourite images bounce to life. All you need to Choose an image, define wobbling areas and shake your phone to see them bounce and jiggle.

AndWobble2 Android App and Live Wallpaper

The app allows to chose any existing photo from your taller or take a new photo then drag wobbles to the area you want to bounce. The app will transform the image into a live photo by adding 3D bouncing effects. Once done, just shake your phone to begin fun. The sleeted area will bounce as you  shake the phone which looks pretty cool and funny. Watch below the video demo to see it works.

AndWobble2 was developed for Android by, Apk name :

You can Download AndWobble2 Android App from the widget below.

Let’s talk about AndWobble2 Live Wallpaper. Earlier you have created some cool 3d images, why not use them as live wallpaper for your Android. Wouldn’t it be cool to see an image on you home screen with special wobbling area?

With AndWobble2 Live Wallpaper make live jiggling wallpaper from your favorite photos. Use AndWobble2 app to configure a wallpaper. Use any image to setup wobbling areas exactly like you did in AndWobble app. The app can be download for Free from google play store using the widget below. Let us know if you like both apps. Have fun!

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