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Keep your privacy reserved and safe with RocketVPN Android VPN service app for smartphone and tablet devices.

Since the internet has become an essential part of daily life, it became, even more, substantial to ensure appropriate privacy settings. To think why not? We are being carried all the information on our online server – credit card details, passwords, savings and what not. It’s like our whole life is revolving around the internet, and it is high time we should settle for a safeguard to get over with the possible menaces.

The moment we log into the web, there are possibilities to get hacked, being phished, or skyjacked. But don’t worry, the guardian angels of automation have the solution for it all. VPN (virtual private network) service is a way to keep us safe; it adds protective measures masking your IP address ensuring secure online dealings. But with numerous options available for VPN services Zenmate, Express VPN, IP Vanish, Buffered and more, choosing the right one that suits your needs and expectations could become quite a task.

How to pick the VPN that suits you:

Rocket VPN - Android VPN service app

The Server locations

The server location should be one of your big concerns. Many people are using VPN as they have a wish to get entrance to sites or content those are unavailable in their residing countries. In general, the more exit server locations it offers, the more beneficial the facilities it will provide.

Logging and privacy policy

Think twice before you officially delegate a corporation with particular information about yourself. Be attentive to the company’s privacy policy is wise.

Encryption proprieties

The encryption mechanism used by a VPN is a security measuring for your online actions. You must consider its stability & security before choosing one. Also, it should offer anonymous payments options.

Check if there are any data or connection limitations:

If you have set your mind to pay for a VPN, consider checking out if there are any data or connection limitations. You simply would not want to pay for something that is not proposing vast.

Device support options

Lots of VPN have limitations in supporting different device. So confirm your choice going to stand up for the device you are using.


Don’t forget to assess the best price among the options. Sometimes the most expensive one might not end up as the good one.

What we recommend

So, after we decided to drill on some of the best VPNs that markets have to offer, we found something interesting about Rocket VPN. We tried to assess it with the checklist given above. Rocket VPN is a free app that allows Android users encode their reserved mobile data and unblock geologically constrained contents. It offers to surf faster by staying in disguise and avoid being monitored by third parties which ensure privacy.

Rocket VPN – Free Proxy Shield (Free)

The very best feature “Enormous options to server locations”

Almost everyone has tried to access some sites which were blocked or restricted. With enormous locations options, Rocket VPN aims to break these walls and let the users relish the freedom of accessing any websites regardless of restrictions and barriers. It is a very simple app; you just have to choose a country to create a virtual tunnel to go with. In mere moments, your location will be camouflaged so you can browse anonymously and surf any content that would typically be delimited.

It passed the Encryption protocols & privacy policy

RocketVPN offers you to stay anonymous and avoid being tracked, even on Wi-Fi networks which aren’t safe. Freely use any social network messenger, no matter where you are at the moment. And it comes with a compatible offer of 500 MB free data usage every 30 days to use according to your choice. Convenient price, device supporting option, with no connection limitations- Rocket VPN cut the chase and passed its security test in our appraisal.

No Limitation for data & connectivity & Price

Whenever you are using a proxy server to survive privacy concerns, it doesn’t slow down speeds a bit, but with rocket VPN the discretion percentage is very low. You will be able to watch 1080p YouTube videos without much buffering. Don’t worry about the speed here. You can always upgrade to a limitless subscription to enjoy unlimited bandwidth usage and the fastest surfing speed.

Device support option:

It supports Android 4.0.3 and up to these versions.


• Unblocks the internet
• Quick launch your apps
• Secured connection
• Anonymous identity option
• Lock down your sanctuary by blocking unwanted watchful web spies
• Free data option for trials
• Freedom of choosing IP
• Reliable speed
• Anti-spyware features
• Online purchase and up gradation option


• The unconsumed bandwidth of free allocated monthly data cannot be carried over to the next month.
• 500 MB free data usage for every month in the Free version seems petite for heavy users.


Rocket VPN is a well-made and app for Android that permits anonymous browsing and access to geologically constrained contents. You will find a variety of VPN services apps in the store, but if you’re using an Android device and looking for a simple VPN with a smart user interface and cheap subscription fee, you should not have second thoughts about trying Rocket VPN. Upgrade to their premium service to get unlimited data.

Download Rocket VPN – Free Proxy Shield (Free)


Using a VPN is totally up to user’s judgment. Sometimes changing of to many locations in short time period through VPN apps can lock your social networking accounts & other location sensitive profiles. Despite that, if you are okay with the slight discretion of speed and would like to go with the flow, you may consider trying out the free version any time sooner.