Android Gaming – This Week’s Top Free Download

Our favourite 10 Best Free Android Games of the Week (June 2 – 6, 2014).

Android Gaming this Week

A simple glance at the Android app store will show you a seemingly infinite number of apps. Some of these are for productivity while others are simply for fun. This list includes some of the best Android games you will find in the app store that can keep you entertained for hours on end.

Download these top free android games, grab your android phone, sit on the sofa and start your Android Gaming!

Pixel Dungeon

Pixel Dungeon andorid game of the week

Pixel Dungeon includes fun pixel-art graphics and an interface that is incredibly easy to use. It is a roguelike game, meaning that it is role playing game with random levels and graphics based on tiles.Download Pixel Dungeon here (Free) Although your character may die frequently, you will have hours of fun playing.

Break Bricks

Break Bricks android game

Break Bricks is a variation of the classic game where you bounce a ball to destroy bricks at the top of the screen. Although there are similar games available, this app stands out with its various modes,Download Break Brickshere here (Free) over 150 levels, and new obstacles and challenges.

Dungeons of Evilibrium RPG

Dungeons of Evilibrium RPG game for android

Dungeons of Evilibrium is a card battle role playing game that includes TCG strategies but still lets you explore a dungeon like on a board game. You can evolve characters, seize treasures, and more.Download Dungeons of Evilibrium here (Free) There are more than 100 adventures that you can replay and leadership boards for those with a competitive nature.

WarLingo – Build an empire

WarLingo - Build an empire android game of the week

This is a turn-based game that lets you use a strategy to expand your empire. You start off with your own country and build your economy and army so you can take over the rest of them.Download WarLingo here (Free) There options such as weapons, diplomacy, spies, and more as well as the option of single player or massively multiplayer.

Rival Knights

Rival Knights android game

Rival Knights allows you to joust other knights. As you win more matches, you will unlock new lances and other tools to help you do even better.Download Rival Knights here (Free) You can even customize your crest or use temporary boosts to give yourself an edge.

Push Panic

Push Panic android game of the week

In Push Panic, you tap groups of blocks that match so they disappear. The game is over when you reach the red bar. Download Push Panic here (Free)There are multiple modes including the classic panic, score panic, color panic, and time panic.

Sky Force 2014

Sky Force 2014 game for android

In this game you are a member of the Sky Force 2014 shooting down enemies. You get missions as well as boss battles to complete and can even go out of your way to save civilians.Download Sky Force 2014 here (Free) The setup means that both novices and experts alike can enjoy this shooter game.

Firefly Runner

Firefly Runner game for android

In Firefly Runner, you are Switch the firefly trying to run as fast as he can and avoid obstacles so that he can rescue his friends.Download Firefly Runner here (Free) It involves simple one touch game play, multiple environments, achievements, and fun characters.


Defender android game

In Defender, you are responsible for protecting your castle from monsters. You can use spells and arrows to fight off the enemies.Download Defender here (Free) Along the way, try to increase your strength and agility to improve your score.

Watch_Dogs Companion: ctOS

Watch_Dogs Companion android game

As the name of this game implies, it is a companion for the game Watch_Dogs. That means that it lets you play with your friends from the comfort of your mobile devices, Download Watch_Dogs here (Free) regardless of whether they are playing on a console or their PC!

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