Android Gaming – This Week’s Top Free Download

This week the number of good Android games has began to rise even more, with some surprising additions to the Play Store. Google also just released newest version 4.0 of the Play Store for Android which brings new interface. For this week we have chosen some great action titles along with the kind of casual games that will keep you playing for a good while. So, let’s start your Android Gaming this week.

Die Hard


Fox Entertainment has brought the game based on the very popular movie series to the Android platform. This third person 3D shooter will have you in the role of Jack McClane the son of New York City’s most famous cop, legendary John McClane, while running through different locations chasing and eliminating every opponent.
From Developer: Prove that the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree – blast your way out of Moscow’s mean streets and travel to the radioactive wasteland of Chernobyl, where you’ll have to overcome incredible odds to save the world from nuclear terrorism. Combining the best of the “endless runner” genre with non-stop first-person shooter action, you now have the ability to play through one of the most popular action-movie franchises in film history! Keep moving and stay alive as long as you can!

Jewels Maze 2


Sequel of one of the newest match three type of game now available on play store. It offers very well designed graphics and a few twists and turns to make it stand out from the rest of the bunch. Overall this game is nothing but pure fun.

From Developer: We believe that everyone is a gamer at heart and that games are a great source of joy and relaxation. So Enjoy always try to make the games easy and joy. For “Jewels Maze 2″, we want to make it the best jewels-matching fun style game on Android and your 5-star reviews keep us inspired and motivated.

Nutty Fluffies Rollercoaster


Another great title by Ubisoft has arrived for Android. Here your task is to control the rollercoaster as best as possible, while collecting different items and keeping it on the track. It may look easy at first but I can assure you this game can become both challenging and fun quickly.
From Developer: Drive wild rollercoaster rides using a unique, swipe-based control system. Let the tightly tuned physics engine create the most thrilling rides of your life! Perfect your skills in over 30 tricky rides, from classic wooden coasters to steel speed demons! Use rockets, Jump jets and magnets, earn hearts and coins, run huge loops, massive jumps and stomach-turning, upside-down tracks!

Ant Raid


This title by Herocraft is incredibly fun and belonging to the arcade strategy genre. The graphics are hot while for the gameplay you will be on the ants side, struggling to build and protect your assets. Some have even called it a new Plants vs Zombies type of game.
From Developer: With the original game averaging a 90% review score on Metacritic, there simply isn’t a better arcade-strategy game on mobile!

Ant Raid fills your device with fun cartoony action! Jump into the hilarious story of an ant colony trying to survive swarms of fellow insects, mutated into mindless monsters!

Offroad Legends


A quality 4×4 type racer with a bunch of challenging environments and lots of cars. It features four vehicle categories (Monsters, 4×4 off-roaders, Behemoths, Fun cars), different game modes and intense graphics, complete with a version optimized for Xperia devices.
From Developer: Crash the barriers and fly above bottomless chasms with Monster Trucks, 4×4 off-roaders and six wheeled Behemoths!

Use your best skills to beat the most mind-blowing tracks and be the ultimate off-road Legend!

Fasten your seatbelts, it’s gonna be a tough ride!

Cool Surfers - Marine Subway


Here your task will be to keep your balance at the wave slide when you fall from 80 degree angle, you will just fall into the sea if you are off your guard. There are also all kinds of acrobatics that you can perform along the way and bonuses and other such features.
Tropical sea is waiting for you.Dispel the hot temperature with even faster speed felt!
You can play using physical engine with more fun than real jet ski.
And the gameplay is provided for free.

Infinite Sky


A game after my own heart, gathering some good reviews from gamers who have tried it. The main task involves handling your airplane as best you can with modern and accurate tools at your disposal of all types.
From Developer: You have been called to the front lines to defend the skies against an endless onslaught of enemies.
Choose from up to four planes in order to face the challenges of exciting 3D dogfights and increasingly difficult boss battles.
Collect coins and complete missions to upgrade your plane and increase your ranking.
Are you skilled enough to face the challenges of the Infinite Sky.



Coming your way is a game where you will have to down the ninja and release to toss him over a variety of animated shredding blades to land him safely on the flagpole. Timing and a good sense of ninja slinging will get you through 10 rounds with a high score.
From Developer: Check out the Free Version of Ninja Toss: The Shredding Sling Shot Game. Like it? There’s a non-free version with unlimited new levels. Points get added for amount of time you have extra on the clock. Points get deducted for getting shredded or landing on your sword. Your previous score will show up after each full game, so you can challenge your friends to beat your score.

Epic Pirates Story


This is the first game from the studio Epic Devs. It belongs to the strategy genre and comes with great miniature graphics. The gameplay is very challenging with different sorts of powerful weapons and crazy buildings to help you be protected against the enemies.
From Developer: Duke A.Blizzardo, an evil pirate King, terrorizes the Caribbean. You seek revenge, as he was the one who took your father away. Now it is your time to become a great leader and gather a party of hardened pirates to take his place away from him. On your journey you will have to master difficult battles with barracudas, mermaids, strange undead, monkeys, Indians and fearsome pirates.

Team Awesome


It’s the game with everything: aliens, robots, explosions, cats, trains, trucks, and shiny gold coins… lots of shiny gold coins! More cats, hover cars, hover boards, fruit bowls, brick walls, wrecking balls, a crazy dentist, soccer games and coffee?
From Developer: They were just four ordinary people, stuck in four dead-end jobs – until one day a mysterious meteor crashed to earth and made everything… AWESOME! Get ready for the explosive new side-scrolling arcade game from the Edis Brothers… Team Awesome! GET AWESOME WITH TEAM AWESOME ON YOUR TABLET AND PHONE!! Featuring narration by videogame voice legend Jon St John!!

Well, thats all for today. Download these top free android games, grab your android phone, sit on the sofa and start your Android Gaming!