Android Gaming – This Week’s Top Free Download


Our favorite 10 Best Free Android Games of the Week.

A simple glance at the Android app store will show you a seemingly infinite number of apps. Some of these are for productivity while others are simply for fun. This list includes some of the best Android games you will find in the app store that can keep you entertained for hours on end.

Download these top free android games, grab your android phone, sit on the sofa and start your Android Gaming!


8.5Overpaint is a game about color in motion. The goal is simple: drag the square on the circles of the same color to eliminate them. To make new colors, just meets the 3 squares. It is a game of skill and intelligence. Have fun with colors!Download Overpaint here (Free) Although your character may die frequently, you will have hours of fun playing.


8.7Slayin is an infinite RPG to test your skills with the sword. The game puts you in the shoes of a knight with his sword, shield and armor to the position to kill thousands of enemies.Download Break Slayin here (Free) It has retro style graphics and gameplay.


8.4DomiNations is an strategy game of exploration, advancement, and conquest. Like other similar PC games, you’ll have to lead your nation to ultimate victory throughout all of human history. Thus, the game takes you through several periods of humanity, from prehistory to the space age, allowing you to witness the evolution of your civilization.Download DomiNations here (Free) This game was developed by the legendary game designer Brian Reynolds (Civilization II, Rise of Nations).

Project Parkour

8.0Run, jump and slide by crazy scenarios in 3D. Project Parkour is very nice skill game in first person that puts you in the shoes of an athlete with great ability to jump.Download Project Parkour here (Free) At every stage, your goal is to get to the other end of the level as quickly as possible.

Infinite Stairs

8.3Infinite Stairs is an endless scrolling game where the mission is to raise the maximum number of steps in a limited amount of time. The mechanics are seemingly simple, but will test your reflexes and perspective,Download Infinite Stairs here (Free) you can choose from a lot of characters.

The Quest Keeper

8.5If you’ve played Crossy Road and liked it, then you may also like the game The Quest Keeper, a very curious RPG game for android. This game puts you in the shoes of a sorcerer who explores compounds mazes of small blocks. At all stages,Download The Quest Keeper here (Free) your mission is to advance the dungeons dodging dangers while trying to catch as many treasures.


7.8Habbo is one of the most used social games for web browser, finally reached to Android platform. The android version allows each user to interact with other players in real time, using the same Habbo charactersDownload Habbo here (Free) (the same as used in the desktop version).

Stickman Rush

8.0Stickman Rush is an addictive arcade game that brings more excellent mechanical for gamers who like good challenges and compete with their friends in the online leaderboard. You’ll have to drive a rocket in a highway full of obstacles and other vehicles.Download Stickman Rush here (Free) The mission is to dodge the largest possible number of barriers and at the same time, try to collect a lot of coins.

Army Man – Toy Wars

8.4Army Man – Toy Wars is a base attack and defense war game that mixes intense strategy action, in which you become the commander of an army of dolls and toy vehicles. Establish your camp, boost your military Download Army Man – Toy Wars here (Free) and start fighting against your friends and enemies from all over the world.

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