Best Free Android Games in this Week : Download them now!


So, which are the games you gonna play this weekend on your Android Smartphone or Tablet?

Best Free Android Gmaes in this week

Every week we suggest you few latest Android Games that just came in Google Play store and worth try them on your Android. We’ve been digging through Android market and found the following best free android games for this week. Download this top android games of the week for Free.

Colossus Escape

Download Colossus Escape
Colossus Escape is a fun action and adventure game based on the fast-paced world of Moffee Adventures that put you in a magical world, with beautiful cartoon graphics and pleasing soundtrack. In this game your goal is to run and avoid the obstacles, grab potions to avoid being eaten, kill enemies and especially not to be caught by the giant Colossus.

Mig 2D: Retro Shooter!

Download Mig 2D: Retro Shooter!
MIG 2D Retro Shooter is a classic mobile shooter game in the style of air shooter. In this game you will have the opportunity to control a fighter plane and other legendary machines and face hordes of enemy plane and bosses, and kill them all with the help of your arsenal that can be upgradable. There are a total of 20 levels to play, each with greater than the previous period and with an almost exponentially greater number of enemies and difficulties along the way.

Superior Tactics

Download Superior Tactics
Superior Tactics is a tactical RTS game for your Android powered devices where your custom designed fleet battles against enemy fleets. The game provides a variety of ship types and weaponry to choose from in assembling your fleet. Build your massive battleship filled with long range missiles, or a handful of swarming scout ships with short range lasers and try to defeat enemy ships.

Overdroy (Puzzle Platform)

Download Overdroy
Overdroy for Android is a simple platform game in which you need to control a robot that is searching for gears. You must help the robot out of the location, overcome all obstacles while collecting all the gears. The difficulty gradually increases with each new conquest, putting your reflexes and ability in an extreme test. The on-screen controls allow you to walk on both sides and jump to reach the platforms above.

Call of Mini™ Dino Hunter

Call of Mini Dino Hunter - Best Free Android Games
Download Call of Mini
Fight your way through hordes of giant lizards and collect craft items and upgrade multiple weapons! Call of Mini Dino Hunter is an action adventure game full of amazing and attractive 3D graphics. The game features 50 different missions to hunt dinosaurs of all kinds and sizes, including 24 exciting boss battles, 21 striking weapons and 5 characters with unique specialties.

Endless Boss Fight

Endless Boss Fight android gaming weekly
Download Endless Boss Fight
Endless Boss Fight is a beat ’em up action game where you will have to control a small robot in order to defeat all the bosses you get in your way. You can also create and upgrade your character, which is then battled by other humanoids in the multiplayer area.

Ridge Racer Slipstream

Ridge Racer Slipstream android game of the week
Download Ridge Racer
Ridge Racer is a classic arcade racing game filled with drifts and accelerations using nitro, much like August Asphalt. Ridge Racer Slipstream offers 12 vehicles with 300 customization options, 6 extra for benefits, 10 beautiful settings and 20 circuits and 108 racing competitions across 6 Grand Prix series.

Keep your thumbs busy playing the games we suggest above. Also take a few moments to share your thoughts and recommendations in the comments section below. For more best android games from previous weeks, please browse our Android Games of The Week section.

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