So, what are the Best Free Android Games games you gonna play this weekend on your Android Smartphone or Tablet?

Every week we suggest you a handful list of latest free Android Games that just came in Google Play store. These games and worth trying on your Android phone or tablet. We’ve been digging through the Android market for the last few days and found the following best free android games for this week.

Let’s grab these top android games of the week for Free.

Pauli’s Adventure Island (FREE)

8.6Pauli’s Adventure Island is a new platform game that draws a lot of inspiration from titles such as Super Mario Bros. Here your goal is to guide two bunnies animated by several adventures on an island dominated by evil beings. Help them fight the enemies so they can safely return home. You can jump, roll and run to meet the robotic opponents who are scattered in every corner of the scene. Fight against them and free the island from evil beings.

Eternal Arena (FREE)

Eternal Arena - best free android games this week

8.8Eternal Arena is a beautiful 3D RPG action game for Android. In this game, you’ll form a team of heroes in order to destroy enemy bases, facing powerful creatures. In its multiplayer mode, you will face real and smarter enemies. You can choose your team among 35 characters, also relying on the various weapons, equipment and other resources to make them even stronger. As always, the strategy will be an important element in ensuring the victories.

Soda Dungeon (FREE)

8.4Soda Dungeon is a fantastic action RPG game in which you can help hundreds of heroes to defeat the most dangerous monsters. In total, there are five different environments that you can explore, all with their own dungeons and monsters to deal with. It is an addictive and fun game to play on your device.

ZENONIA S: Rifts In Time (FREE)

8.3Zenonia S Rifts brings us back the famous role-playing game ZENONIA with online gambling. In Zenonia S, you can join with your friends and perform missions with them while you play to abundant expeditions offered by the game and discover more about the conflict with dragons.

Dash till Puff 2 (FREE)

Dash till Puff 2 android puzzle game

8.9Puff till Dash 2 is a new endless arcade game for Android where you have to move forward without just having a break. In most cases, we think that we will be running constantly. However, this time you’re rather flying and bouncing while trying to dodge a variety of obstacles you will face in your way.

Rayman Adventures (FREE)

Rayman Adventures android game

8.7Rayman Adventures, the classic character of Ubisoft has come to iOS and Android with a story set in a Viking ship where the hero will have to fight a series of enemies with his partner. It allows you to explore a world of Vikings and choose routes that you prefer to discover all the secrets of each level. Meanwhile you will face Minotaurs, monsters and bandits of all types and colors in more than 150 levels. It is certainly a must to enjoy the dead times in this Christmas.

Gopogo (FREE)

Gopogo android game

8.5Gopogo is a casual game of skill that puts players to jump on and on with a pogo. Traveling futuristic scenarios full of dangers, the mission is to dodge the police and other hazards to reach the exit. Guide the protagonist is a little difficult at first, but the control scheme is simple. The doll jumps automatically, and all you need to do is slide your finger across the bottom of the screen in the desired direction to change the character slope.

Keep your thumbs busy playing the games we suggest above. Also take a few moments to share your thoughts and recommendations in the comments section below. For more best free android games from previous weeks, please browse our Android Games of The Week section.

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