Download these hand-picked top free Android Games from the recent releases on Google Play Store.

Welcome back to our weekly android gaming round-up where we suggest you some of the best games from play store available to download for Free. Don’t bother looking for exciting games on the Play Store because we do it for you every week! Here are the top free games of the week.

Let’s check out them and install on your google powered phone or tablet. Keep yourself entertained during the weekend.

Angry Birds 2 (FREE)

8.5Considered continuation of the first game, launched six years ago, Angry Birds 2 features arena mode where you can challenge other players around the world. The Rovio added some interesting option for users who want to use more elaborate strategies to bring down the strongholds of pigs. The graphics and environments have also been refurbished to bring an enhanced gaming experience.

GrandChase M (FREE)

8.2GrandChase M is an awesome tactical RPG based on the world of Grand Chase. You need to lead a group of participants to venture into large maps of dungeons, PvP arenas, and challenging raids. To succeed in your adventure, you should wisely decide the skills and equipment used by the characters in order to achieve the best performance with his group.

Beastopia (FREE)

8.0Beastopia is an RPG with a touch of board game in which players can control a group of adventurers. You need to go through a forest full of wild monsters that are willing to kill every member of your team. The gameplay is very similar to a traditional board game. You can move your heroes by tapping on the box you want, so if there is an enemy you can fight it.

G.I. Joe: Strike (FREE)

8.2GI Joe: Strike is a fighting game where you need to defeat all the members of the enemy organization. In ninja command “Snake Eyes”, the player will go through various scenarios facing various types of opponents. Switch effortlessly between martial arts and gunplay to halt waves of encroaching enemies.

Real Kite (FREE)

8.0Kill the nostalgia of your childhood, flying high with your kite! Real Kite is an action game in which your goal is to drive a kite flying. Take the most distant places and cut the greatest amount of kites of opponents to do more points and keep it in the air longer. With beautiful graphics, the game also stands out for having a more refined gameplay.

Ramboat: Hero Shooting Game (FREE)

8.4Ramboat puts you to control a hero standing on a speedboat while you deploy all your arsenal set in famous cities in the world. At the sound of many “Heavy Machine Gun”, you have to set off all the enemies that appear ahead. The gameplay is totally casual, but the challenge is a lot of fun with the right to crazy things like going down the river astride a shark.

Adrenaline Racing: Hypercars (FREE)

8.5Adrenaline Racing: Hypercars is a new car racing game with a look that closely resembles asphalt. Adrenaline Racing stands out for being lightweight, running well even on devices with 512MB of RAM. There are about 40 incredible cars and over 80 levels to test your skills and determination to be the best driver on the world.

Very Bad Roads (FREE)

8.2In Very Bad Roads game, your job is to transport goods by very bad roads without losing your cages. In each vehicle, are three boxes that can not fall. The controls are simple, but the bumps of cars are complicated. Fortunately, there are checkpoints where the player can collect more boxes. Difficult, but addictive, Very Bad Roads is a great casual distraction.

Top Gear: Caravan Crush (FREE)

Free Android Games On The Play Store

7.9The famous BBC has its own car game where you must launch vehicles through the air with the aim of wrecking many caravans that located in full ground, and in Top Gear: Crush Caravan will do with prompting many little tricks and skills before imagined.

Angel Stone (FREE)

7.6Angel Stone is a hack and slash game that closely resembles the Diablo for mobile. This game offers three distinct classes, Berserker, Gunslinger and Wizard dingy, and more than 60 missions.

Already downloaded these top fee games from google playstore? Share the name of your favorite one. Know a title wroth including in this list? Mention the name in the comments below. Cheers!

  • claire

    great list of games!! i loved mission of crisis and dead trigger especially. i’m not very good at such games but it keeps me entertained for long periods! thanks for the recommendations! 🙂