This week’s Top Android Games for Free


Enjoy your leisure during the weekdays with these top 10 Android Games for Free.

Spare a little time to relax yourself while working so hard. No matter where you are, grab the following top free andorid games and have some fun any time.

Let’s download our top picks of andorid games of the week. All of them are free to downlaod, but some of these games offer premium features through in app purchase.

Boom Beach

Boom Beach andorid game

Boom Beach is a combat strategy game for Android that follows the line of Clash of Clans, here you will have to explore one by one each island to kill your enemy. The enemy has settled in the islands and our troops have to explore all the islands, fight and free the islanders who have fallen under the power of evil Dark Guard. During the adventure find treasures, discover the mysterious power of ancient statues and, of course, will storm the foundations of your friends and players from around the world.

Download Boom Beach Here

Hubble Bubbles

Hubble Bubbles game for android

Hubble Bubbles is a game of insanely addictive arcade skill, featuring madly addictive, straight from space gameplay. This is an endless runner type game takes place in space. In Hubble Bubbles, you travel a never ending distances by bouncing on bubbles for light-years at a time. Tap when the character Hubble, a little spaceship, is above a Bubble. They bounce, you fly. Its not an easy game to play since sending the bubbles up to meet your character requires considerable timing and spatial awareness.

Download Hubble Bubbles Here

Band Stars

Band Stars android music game

Band Stars for Android is a game of roll and simulation with a topic that can be very fun for many people, the dream of a few. In this game you’ll have to form your own band, and take it to stardom. To achieve this you will have to follow all the steps normally followed all groups and be completing over 200 unique challenges.

Download Band Stars Here

Forgotten Game of Ur

A new puzzle board game for Android. The game features perfectly balanced rules and dynamic gameplay, old style board game in a new design, comfortable controls, unique Sumer style menus and dialogs and 5 difficulty levels to play. Folks this is not an easy game to play.

Download Forgotten Game of Ur Here


Shibe! is a game of quick reflexes whose character inspired by the famous doge dog meme. In this game your goal is to help the protagonist to end up with cats, chickens and other strange animals that appear in the psychedelic scenarios in order to earn points and survive as long as possible. To attack the animals, all you need to do is touch them and the protagonist will jump on them like a ray of light. As more enemies onscreen at once, you can do attacks in sequence and earn more points.

Download Shibe! Here

Super Gravitron

Super Gravitron is an arcade platformer game for Android in which you will have to constantly dodging the dangers that appear on both sides of the screen in order to survive the longest possible time, gameplay like the game Flappy Bird. Game control is very simple: You have to press the left or right side of the screen in order to move Captain Viridian (the protagonist) in either direction. Meanwhile will always bouncing from floor to ceiling.

Download Super Gravitron Here

Candy Crush Soda Saga

Candy Crush Soda Saga for android

Candy Crush Soda Saga is another companion for Android from the famous King puzzle game creator. The game has 75 levels to pass, in which you also have boosters to overcome those who have greater difficulty. You can compete for the highest score among your friends and sync your game on other devices. Graphically you will find the same line followed by other episodes of this series, full of fun characters and lots of colors. If you already love this series, this new episode will not disappoint.

Download Candy Crush Soda Saga Here

Care Bears Rainbow Playtime

Care Bears Rainbow Playtime for Android is a time management game, featuring several kid-friendly minigames that let you interact with your favorite bears. Discover the joys of caring and creativity with your favorite cuddly bears!

Download Care Bears Rainbow Playtime Here

If you have any suggestion we should include in our next week’s list, let us know in the comments section below.