Android Gaming : Download The Best Free Android Game This Week


Here we are again with our weekly top free android game chart.

Like we do every week, here is a list of few android game which just arrived on google play store and has already earned some popularity.

Let’s download the best free android game we’ve chosen for you and let us know which one you enjoyed most. Oh, before I forgot to ask don’t hesitate to hit share buttons and let your friends know which android games you are playing currently.

Kung Fury: Street Rage

8.5Kung Fury: Street Rage is a fighting game where the goal is to fight an army of Nazis who are plaguing the city. You’ll have to command a small fighter who must annihilate with his opponents as they appear. The game is very difficult because you have only three lives without the ability to renew them. So be well aware of the movements and avoid being hit not to run the risk of being eliminated early on.

Download Kung Fury here (Free)

One More Dash

8.4One More Dash is a simple yet addictive game about timing in which you need to send a disk from one point to another on the screen but at the right time. For this, you always need to alert that the item does not end up being diverted or even destroyed along the way.

Download One More Dash here (Free)

Tiny Dangerous Dungeons

8.5Tiny Dangerous Dungeons is a platform game where the goal is to explore various scenarios full of platforms, spiders, bats and other dangers willing to erase the map. The gameplay of the title will appeal to those who want to have in your mobile a game ‘the old’.

Download Tiny Dangerous here (Free)


8.2This is an adventure game in which the protagonist must overcome platforms and puzzles with jumps and paintings that used to smear the stage and achieve different effects like jump enhancers, adhesion, speed or damage to enemies.

Download Nihilumbra here (Free)

World Series of Poker – WSOP

8.0World Series of Poker – WSOP is a poker game in which your goal is to participate in incredible championships filled with players from around the planet. Use your premiums to buy access at the tables with higher stakes and compete with the best poker players. Stack your chips and prove to everyone that you are a true master of poker!

Download WSOP here (Free)


7.5Roll’d is a balancing and quick thinking game in which you are responsible for keeping your character upright as long as possible. Instead of having to move the character from channel to channel and corners, you need to adjust the track to keep an area of movement straight to your character.

Download Roll’d here (Free)

1815 Cannon Shooter Waterloo

7.81815 Cannon Shooter Waterloo is a puzzle game in which your goal is to command a cannon to attack your enemies. You should participate in the exciting Waterloo campaign, playing as British or French soldier. Enjoy all the gameplay in 3D with hundreds of enemies on all seven levels.

Download Cannon Shooter here (Free)

So, these are the games we’re currently enjoying on our android devices. Hopefully, some of these would become your favourite as well. Missed out on the previous lists? Browse them here.

  • Chester

    Punch Hero is fun but you have to be connected to the internet 🙁

    Got all of those except Orc Genocide :))

  • mahendra

    Thanks for the review, will try all of them.