Android Games : Download Best Free Android Game This Week


Here we are again with our weekly top free android game chart.

Like we do every week, here is a list of few android game which just arrived on google play store and has already earned some popularity.

download best free android games

Lets Download Best Free Android Game we’ve chosen for you and let us know which one you enjoyed most. Oh, before i forgot to ask don’t hesitate to hit share buttons and let friends know which android game you are playing currently.

Where’s My Perry? Free

Like its previous title Where’s My Water?, Where’s My Perry?  for Android form Disney also got a lot attention from gamers. In the latest title, you are a spy who is helping an agent to solve his case. You will have to use water in all its different forms, ice, steam and liquid, to solve the puzzle. The graphics look stunning, the puzzle idea is excellent and as you carry on each level will test your skill to solve physics.

Trainyard Express

Trainyard Express Android Game

Trainyard Express has been successful on iOS device and now available for Android. Plenty of game review website giving it a high rating means we should definitely checkout this puzzle game. The goal is to drive each train to its color-coded station by drawing track for them to follow. Unlike other games you won’t be restricted by time, you won’t achieved any top score. All you have to do is scratching your head to solve puzzle.


Orc Genocide

Though Orc Genocide Android Game look like it didn’t come form an experienced developer the game still has some strategic attraction. If you are a fan of tower defence games then you will enjoy this strategy game combination of defending and conquering. Hopefully the developer will start improving the graphics and some other elements in the game to make a successful hit. Still we bet Orc Genocide could one the most playing for your Android Device. Watch the demo video adobe and will get the idea what I’m talking about.

Traffic Panic London

How about controlling traffic in London City. The life of travellers in your hand. Simply tap to change the lights and get points for safely crossing the traffic. In Traffic Panic London will you be able to mange the busiest day in London or will cause of accidents. In case of accidents prepare for more points and an explosive cinematic visual feast!

Punch Hero

Gamevil Inc. has very good reputation in making good games for Android. A long time ago i played Super K.O. Boxing! on my android and enjoyed it. But that was nothing to compare Punch Hero Android Game. The best thing about the game? Well, you could customise the characters. Want to beat your friends hardly? Just add your friend’s photo in the frame and throw them in the ring. Presented in hilarious 3D, Punch Hero is an ultimate fun.

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  • mahendra

    Thanks for the review, will try all of them.

  • Chester

    Punch Hero is fun but you have to be connected to the internet :(

    Got all of those except Orc Genocide :))