Android Game Review : Download GEARS & GUTS – Carmageddon Style Fun

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On Sep 2, 2012
Last modified:Jun 18, 2013


The latest android game title from Glu Mobile sets you in a world of zombies with nitro-burning, bullet-spitting, four-wheeled engines of destruction

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Android Game Review  Download GEARS & GUTS - Carmageddon Type Non-Stop Fun

The latest android game title from Glu Mobile sets you in a world of zombies with nitro-burning, bullet-spitting, four-wheeled engines of destruction. Starting with the intro you will get an idea of what this game is about. You are in a vehicle and your task is to drive around completing missions and killing zombies. Seems very easy doesn’t it? Well it isn’t. You will need to upgrade you car to withstand all sorts of attacks from your enemies and the missions can sometimes become very difficult to complete.

As usual from Glu Mobile, the game graphics are very good, though nothing spectacular and you are accompanied by entertaining music along the way.   The controls are especially easy to use, with arrows for left/right in the bottom left corner and accelerate/decrease in the bottom right corner. You can also use special actions like power-slides to go through your enemies and you have all sorts of weapons at your disposal along with the possibility to purchase more. Fortunately the weapons shoot automatically but take care not to damage your vehicle during the runs or the game is over. The levels are very large, open-world type, and you will play in some very interesting locations like the Mall. You will gain experience as you kill zombies and be able to purchase upgrades and guns. In app purchases for Glu credits are also available which will require to customise your car. Download GEARS & GUTS android game for Free by hitting the widget bellow but before that watch Gears & Guts demo first.

Keep in mind that the game requires some pretty powerful device hardware configurations so it’s probably not playable on older devices.