Android Game Review: Spy Mouse – Danger. Intrigue. Stealth. Cheese

Review of: Spy Mouse

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On Oct 13, 2012
Last modified:Feb 25, 2013


SPY mouse is a very simple and intuitive game whose mastery is not as simple as one would think. The game's graphics and sounds are both delightful and convincing

SPY mouse is another stunning Android game tittle from Electronic Arts Inc. worth paying for it.

I’m quite choosy about gaming on my Android Smartphone. Especially if it’s a paid game then I’m very hard to spend money. 3D shooters are not really my thing: The graphics are the ultimate thing this days. However you cannot play a graphics intense title when on the move, it just doesn’t feel right.  Suddenly i came across SPY mouse Android Game and felt it’s different, this game manages to get you hooked in a second.


From the main menu you can select and launch of the first level. The levels start simple and become more difficult as you progress. The gameplay is very simple: You guide a mouse to find it’s way by drawing a path through the cat hell. The mouse is in apartment where cats would want to get their paws on you. In your path you have to collect cheese and avoid all sorts of obstacles. Here you can hide in a variety of mouse holes, at the same time there are often secret passages that lead you to a second hole, so you can outsmart the cats!

Later there are added elements that spice up the game a bit. You’ll get mouse dummies with which you can snap mousetraps to get the cheese, a TV, in order to hypnotize the cat and even more you can use to give yourself to find a way through a level. You gain extra points if you have not been seen by the cats, through a successfully completed level in a certain time. Whether you’ve met these points, you will be shown at the end of each level. Once you have made a level, you are not immediately taken to the next, but rather sent back to the main menu – Awkward, but bearable. There are 6 worlds with over 70 levels and bosses that you have to put out of action with special tricks. Spending good timing and tactics is due to succeed.


The music and sounds remind strongly of the soundtrack of James Bond movies. This contributes to the very good and exciting atmosphere that characterizes SPY mouse. SPY mouse is a very simple and intuitive game whose mastery is not as simple as one would think. The game’s graphics and sounds are both delightful and convincing.

Pros of SPY mouse Android Game:

+ Highly addictive

+ Delightful graphics and sound

+ Lots of exciting levels

Cons of SPY mouse  for Android:

- FCs on some devices due to the lack of updates for the game

You can Download SPY mouse Android game for a very good price of $0,99 from play store by hitting the widget below. It’s 125 MB in size though, so you may want to use your wireless connection to download it.