Android Game Review : Death Rally – Action Packed Combat Racer

Death Rally for Android is available for free on the Google Play Store. The interesting thing about the game is it’s a remake of a game from 1996 which was available on PCs. The popular game redesigned for 2012 and optimized for mobile devices.

Death Rally Android Game Review  - Action Packed Combat Racer

Playing Death Rally is very simple: you have to drive a car equipped with machine guns, rockets and rifles and use your weapons to target rivals while advancing in 1-2 minute-race to finish on the podium. You have at least 5 vehicles available and circuits to run on: normal circuit, reversed, rotated and combinations of the two, for a total of about 20 circuits. At the end of each race you receive money to upgrade your armor, life, and the weapons and across races you’ll find different objects that are designed to increase machine life or serve as components to unlock cars, new circuits or weapons.

The game is very fun and besides races that lasts about a minute and a half you get a Destruction Derby type round, where you and another greater rival duel with small cars for 3 minutes. Graphics look good, you get two camera angles which is quite comfortable and exhilarating music. Through the in-app purchases you will be able to buy all sorts of upgrades that will help more advance gameplay.

Pros of Death Rally Android Game:

+ Good graphics and sound

+ Action-packed gameplay

+ Offered for free

Cons of Death Rally:

- Controls can take some time to adjust


Download Death Rally Android Game for free by hitting the widget bellow.


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