7 Android Apps of the Week for Free


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Folks, sure you do love installing new android apps and trying them out. We are back with another Android Apps of the Week round-up. We keep eyes on the latest releases on play store and select top free apps to show you. Get the most out of your favorite android smartphone or tablet with these new free android apps.

Grab a cup of coffee, sit back and start exploring the 7 best free android apps of the week.

Google On (FREE)

Google On android apps of the week

8.4Google On is the companion app for OnHub. It lets you set up and control your OnHub router right from your Android device. It guides you through setup, provides tools to help you monitor and manage your Wi-Fi connection, and if there’s ever an issue with your Wi-Fi connection or the router, it offers simple solutions to help.

Screen Recorder – No Root (FREE)

8.5Screen Recorder is a useful app to record the screen of non rooted Android devices. It’s simple and easy to use. Recorded videos are saved on the SD Card of your device. Note that you must have Android 5.0 Lollipop or higher for the feature to work.

Hopper – Airfare Predictions (FREE)

8.2The Hopper application, which helps internet users to save on airline tickets, is now also available for Android. The app analyzes the price variation offered by different airline for the same route, selects the cheapest and performs a prediction of cost. That way, you know if you should wait or buy a ticket at that time.

PhoneWatcher – Mobile Tracker (FREE)

8.1PhoneWatcher is a new app that allows you to “spy” on what your children, other family members or employees are doing by monitoring the open pages in the browser, tracking by GPS location, access to call history and text messages. It also lets you see photo and videos stored on the device – which enables the detection of inappropriate content coming from apps. Very interesting spy app for Android.

LINE Launcher (FREE)

LINE Launcher for android phone

8.4This is a new Launcher app from the famous LINE to customize the look of your Android. It has more than 3000 choices of themes, fonts, different icons and wallpapers, plus the ability to put stickers in the middle of the screen. It also counts with a widget to monitor the battery, a button to free up memory with just a touch, a universal search system encompassing the web, applications and contacts.

Pintasking (FREE)

8.1Pintasking is a new app that offers a more efficient multi-tasking than the native system. It allows you to create bubbles for each open app that get in the corner of the screen and can be easily accessed. It also has many other features that really streamline the use of multiple apps simultaneously.

YouTube Gaming (FREE)

8.5YouTube Gaming is an independent YouTube service that aims to be a meeting point for gamers. It has a catalog of 25,000 games and allows you to watch videos, live broadcasts, as well as trailers and video game competitions. Viewers can chat with other members during the ‘livestreams’ and the creators of the videos will monitor comments.

Scout Launcher (Beta) (FREE)

8.6Scout Launcher is a new home screen replacement with a similar approach to the Aviate, Yahoo. Instead of the traditional monolithic launcher with shortcuts to applications and some home screens, you can organize the contents of your device intelligently. Several special widgets give you quick access to music, news, videos and feeds from your social networks, and integrate with different services.

Installed an android app recently and you love it then let us know and we will recommend it in our Android Apps of the Week list. Checkout more top free apps at our weekly round-up gallery.