Best Free Android Apps of the Week : Budget, Flixtor, CF.lumen & More


Here is our Android Apps of the Week list: Top Free Android Apps You Shouldn’t Have Missed from the Passing Week.

On the Play Store I’m sure many of you have found that apps and games have been flooding. It has also been a good week in terms of new titles. So we had to chose some of the best apps for our weekly android apps roundup. Here are the best free android apps of the week:

Note Crypt Safe with Password

Download Note Crypt Safe
Note Crypt Safe with Password is a simple application for your Android powered devices that is able to store your notes safely. Through the program, you can store your notes with password protection so, no one can access them. All data are recorded only on your smartphone, encrypted with AES 128-bit key, and only you can access the content. You can create several different databases, add tags to your notes, favorite preferred and sort notes alphabetically or by creation date.

Writeily: Markdown Text Editor

Writeily- Markdown Text Editor android app
Download Writeily
Writeily: Markdown Text Editor for Android is a simple, beautiful and powerful text editor application. This is basic tool, since the only thing you can do is write. No editing tools, or any type of customization: it is simple and neat for you to enter text freely. With the app you can create documents, short stories or even an entire book (who knows!) in an agile way. Also you can switch between a light or dark theme for easier viewing of the content in light or darkened rooms.


Retrica android app
Download Retrica
Retrica for Android provides everything a user needs to get the “selfie” perfect. This camera app features 22 types of collages, 80 filters, of which 25 can be used in the paid version, to give a retro touch to the photos, cartoon and focused options, customizable timer to take photos in burst for collages, frames and customizing the option of adding a brand water 14 rhetorical designs available. Although there are many alternatives to Android, none has such a simple and beautiful interface as that Retrica offers.

[root] CF.lumen

Download CF.lumen
CF.lumen is an interesting application that changes the color of your screen according to the position of the sun, all based on your location. You can modify the parameters of your device’s screen, adjusting the color temperature, simulating artificial light or a sleep mode that puts your screen with a red shade for added relaxation with a variety of filters included as one of color inversions, manual adjustments and optimizations of color. CF.lumen to select color filters depending on the time of day – day, sundown, sleep – in order to relieve your eyes if you are from those users who are in front of your smartphone screen for many hours.

Mental Math

Mental Math android app
Download Mental Math
Practice your math skills with this mental arithmetic trainer, Mental Math Android app. You’ve to answer as many questions as you can within 60 seconds. Get achievements as you go along. Warning, they are not easy to get! Exercises are available in three different levels, tailored to your current skills. The app also has a global leaderboard option where the top 5 players name will be shown.


Flixtor android app
Download Flixtor
Flixtor is a community of thousands of movies and TV series for free download. You can download or streaming videos to watch on your Android. On the Home screen, simply select a category from the left corner as “Movies”, “Series”, “People” or “My movies”. When you select a movie or TV show, is charged a small synopsis, trailer and a “Play” button. As all content is shared by people scattered around the world, sometimes you have to wait a few minutes of cache to start playback.


Budget app for android
Download Budget
Budget app for Android is a simple, intuitive and beautifully designed tool that allows you to keep track of all your finances. The app provides several customizable categories, with which you can organize your incomes and expenses, shown in a variety of useful charts and list.

Mealplanner Shoppinglist Trial

Mealplanner Shoppinglist android app
Download Mealplanner
This is the only Android app for serious cooks, providing all the basic tools you need to cook week meals. Manage your recipes, create menus, shop with ease and cook like a pro.

Please let us know your thought about the Best Free Android Apps of the Week listed above. We really expect to hear from you. Cheers!