Android Apps Battle – Best Free Apps This Week

As the battle between new Android Apps keeps going on, every week we put some effort to find the best free android apps for you from recent arrivals. We have plenty of options to choose from and we struggled to find the best available for you which you can get for free. Let’s checkout the Best Free Apps This Week list below and enjoy them on our Android device.



There are some very good new aggregation apps out there but this app stands out from the most of them as it supports lots of social features and a good design to make it a pleasing experience. Give it a try and I’m sure you will decide to keep it in no-time.
From Developer:  NewsWhip gives you the biggest news stories from around the world right now, as decided by everyone. Each minute, NewsWhip scans a billion people on Facebook and Twitter to see which news stories are spreading the fastest. It spots the stories that people think are worth sharing, and serves them as a live stream of the world’s most popular news.

K-@ Mail – email evolved


K9 Mail has been one of the best clients for Android since a long time. The app has now somewhat of a clone, with even more features and a new holo design that fits very well. It is available in bot a free and pro version and a free one. It also supports the most important features that are very well-integrated.
From Developer: K-@ Mail (Kat Mail), the first and only email client for Android that combines a gorgeous graphical design with great user experience and the power of K-9 “under the hood”.

Swipe Dialer

Screenshot from 2013-03-03 19:26:40

Want a cleaner and faster method for dialing your favorite contacts. Then this app is what it’s all about. It also supports a number of very useful features, such as T9 dialing and other. The holo interface suits it well and the Pro version brings even more features.
From Developer: Fed up with your slow S3 or HTC dialer,

Would you like a more stock (AOSP) android experience?

Would you like to swipe effortlessly between your dialer, contacts, recent and favourites with no LAG!

3G/4G Speed Booster

Screenshot from 2013-03-03 19:32:20

Like the naming suggests, this app promises to dramatically boost the speeds of both the 3G and 4G network connections. It is very easy to use so it will do its job without you having to tamper with it all the time.
From Developer: Do you ever feel like your 3G or 4G connection is not running fast enough? Now you can fix that with this awesome 3G/4G Speed Booster. It runs well known optimizations to make sure your 3G and 4G connections are running at their optimal levels!

One thing you should know is, this app is device dependent and performance varies across devices. We are working hard to support bosting on all phone models. Most phone models are already supported.

Harlem Shake Creator

If, like us, you are thinking of starting your own Harlem Shake, now you have it a lot easier thanks to a new mobile app that was created to help users to make their own videos. It’s called “ Harlem Shake Video Creator ”and is available for Android.
From Developer: First step-by-step app for making your harlem shake videos.
Get your friends and do the harlem shake! Awesome?!

★ Direct upload to YouTube
★ Step-by-step manual
★ Harlem Shake audio samples out of the box

Instant Buttons

Having different sound at your disposal in the form of buttons that you can press to test each one. Once you find the one that is interesting enough, you have option to set it as a notification sound or ringtone. And there are many such alternatives sounds available.
From Developer: Instant Buttons is an original soundboard, it’s a unique collection of sounds. This application will offer to you many funny and quickly sounds that you might use anytime.

More than 260 sounds! From the most famous memes of 4chan/internet (as the ComboBreaker, Falcon Punch, Khaan, Rimshot, This is Sparta, Nyan, Chuck Testa, Mudkip or Harlem Shake) to dialogues of your favorites series (as Big Bang Theory, How I Met Your Mother, Community, Futurama, South Park, Family Guy, Lost, Adventure Time or The Simpsons), going through mitical videogames sounds…and many more


Russian top developer has launched its own version of the Play Store that you can use to download and purchase apps without a Google account. It also supports the best interface we’ve seen in some time and is available as a free download from their site.

From Developer:

  • Over 50,000 apps and counting
  • Fast and easy app search
  • Payments through mobile billing or with a bank card
  •  Kaspersky anti-virus protection
  •  Automatic app updates

To download the app, visit from your mobile

GO TouchHelper


If you are using Go Launcher on your Android device, then this app is a must and it comes from the same developer team  It will transform your experience and interface into something unique to amaze your friends with.
From Developer: Attention: TouchHelper must be applied in GO Launcher EX v3.29 or above.please update your GO Launcher to the newest version.

We introduce you a brand new product of GO Launcher DEV Team — TouchHelper!

Touch Helper, mix core features into this All-In-One App — time & weather, calender, phone calls & contacts, message, switch, favorite app lists. Helpful, convenient and efficient, all in one screen!

MP3 Best Music Downloads Pro

Screenshot from 2013-03-03 20:07:28

Here’s a way to download all your favorite songs for free and in the simplest way. The interface will let you search for the title you want and the download option is just one tap away. Save it and listen to it anytime you feel like it.
From Developer: The best MP3 Music Downloader Pro for Android.

- Streaming music before downloading
- Top 30 songs
- Create ringtones and assign it as your selected contact
- Music Player in-App
- The only one application integrated with Shazam and SoundHound. After finding the song just press the share to download


Screenshot from 2013-03-03 20:15:46

No, it has nothing to do with the movie but it is an app for TV Shows. Add your favorites and be informed about the upcoming episodes as well as starring actors and other such very useful info. Besides that, it’s interface is incredible.
From Developer: This app will help you keep track of your content, let you know when & where it is available, and even add calendar events.
Enjoy exploring upcoming & previous episodes using our intuitive design, backed by and IMDb databases.
Cliffhanger will study your preferred shows, suggest similar programs you may like, and provide you with useful information.

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