Android Apps Battle – The Best Free Android Apps of the Week


As the battle between new Android Apps keeps going on, here is our list of the best free android apps of the week.

As an Android user, you have hundreds of thousands of apps to choose from and sometimes it can be difficult to find the best ones. The following list is ten great apps that span all categories to help you liven up your device or simply make it more useful.

PowerDirector – Bundle Version

PowerDirector - video editor for android

PowerDirector is the very similar to the PC version available from CyberLink. This app allows you to edit videos no matter where you are, all from your mobile device. The interface is easy to use and there is even drag and drop support so you can easily import multiple videos at the same time. This is a great professional editor that lets you do everything including adding audio, photos, effects, and transitions to your videos and then export them.

Downlaod PowerDirector app here

Orange Is The New App

Orange Is The New App - the best free android apps of the week

With the popularity of the hit show Orange is the New Black, Netflix decided to launch this app. It lets you pick a card and customize it. You can also do things like show off how much you love the Litchfield ladies or be the little spoon for Alex.

Downlaod Orange Is The New App here

Flynx Beta

Flynx Beta android app

Flynx is designed to make web browsing even easier. Instead of having to wait for a new page to load, you can simply open and then load the link in the background no matter what app you are in. This way you can keep using the original app during your link loads and then easily switch between the links.

Downlaod Flynx app here


PhonoPaper android app

PhonoPaper will create a graphical representation of a sound of your choice. You can use it to read PhonoPaper via your camera or go in the opposite direction and generate one based on a sound sample. You can also play it in real-time to make it more useful.

Downlaod PhonoPaper app here

Audio Visualizer Live

Audio Visualizer Live app for android

This app allows you to choose from four modes to visualize the music or sound around you via the microphone on your device. If it drains your battery, you can change your settings within the app and still be able to use it.

Downlaod Audio Visualizer Live app here

EndlessTV: Videos, TV and News

EndlessTV- Videos, TV and News on android

EndlessTV lets you watch videos without having to wait for anything to load. Everything streams continuously and you can choose from all types of videos including music, history, sports, and news.

Downlaod EndlessTV app here

Sunrise Calendar

Sunrise Calendar app for android

This is a free calendar that you can use with iCloud and Google Calendar. It is a great new way to layout your schedule with a view for several days at a time, people, birthdays, and maps.

Downlaod Sunrise Calendar app here

Viki: TV Drama, Movies & News

Viki: TV Drama, Movies & News

Viki is one of the best apps for watching movies, videos, and more from all around the world. There is content in over 150 languages available and you can search by genre, country, or more. All you need is 3G or Wi-Fi and you are ready to stream.

Downlaod Viki app here

Houzz Interior Design Ideas

Houzz Interior Design Ideas android app

Houzz is one of the most popular interior design apps available for Android. There are millions of high resolution photos available. You can browse them by location, room, and style and then save your favorites.

Downlaod Houzz app here


Uber android app

Uber allows you to get a taxi without having to call, stand in line, or flag one down. It works in more than 30 countries and 130 cities. You will get picked up in minutes and can compare fares. You can even see how far away your taxi is from your location.

Downlaod Uber app here

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