Android app to Find Gas Stations While Driving Across Europe


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On Nov 29, 2012
Last modified:Feb 25, 2013


LPG CNG Finder Europe is a very handy Android app to Find Gas Stations in European cities without worrying about where to refuel.. With large database and visual map navigation the app does what it should

Traveling across Europe? LPG CNG Finder Europe android app will let’s you find Gas Stations nearby.

Those of us who travel a lot by car must constantly grapple with rising gasoline prices. You can go cheaper with natural gas or liquefied petroleum gas which is up to 50 percent cheaper than gasoline and still almost 20 cents cheaper than diesel.

A disadvantage however, to choosing alternative fuel is that not all stations carry it and it can become troubling to find a place for a refill.

If you are in Europe, you nay want to know where to refuel and which stations are hiding in the immediate area. To rescue you from the situation there is an Android app to Find Gas Stations called LPG CNG Finder Europe. Especially on holidays or in foreign cities, this app is a useful tool for traveling.

Android app to Find Gas Stations

Based on the gas data provided by, the application looks for the start based on its own position automatically and displays a map, filling it with stations in the radius of ten kilometers. Currently there is an approximate total of over 7000 service stations that are listed in the database. Exactly where they are located, the app clearly marks on the map and displays the name, address and the last known price of gasoline. Under the Details tab of LPG CNG Finder Europe it lists all the found results in a clear manner and displays road indications with the help of Google Maps. If you’re favorite app for navigation is not Google Maps, then you have the option to store the address of the service stations by copying on the clipboard and transferring them easily into your own navigation software.

In the settings menu you can specify whether the app will look for LPG or CNG stations. Upon request, it also shows only the ones that are open or that also offer gasoline or only those that have 24-hour operation. It is also possible to look at other places in the immediate vicinity. The app integrates a powerful search menu indicated by a dedicated tab. No matter the porpuse for using it, you will likely find LPG CNG Finder Europe a helpful resource to find the next natural or LPG station.

PROS of LPG CNG Finder Europe for Android:

+ Finds nearby LPG (Liquified/Liquefied Petroleum/Propane Gas) or CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) stations

+ Integrates search engine

+ Copy to clipboard function

CONS of LPG CNG Finder Europe

- The UI could use minor adjustments

Download LPG CNG Finder Europe Android app to Find Gas Stations for free by hitting the widget below.