Android App Reviews : VPlayer for Android – One of The Best Video Player

When it comes to watch videos on Android we all expect a high quality Video Player. VPlayer for Android is One of The Best Video Players available on Google Play Store. Download VPlayer Video Player Android App.

VPlayer for Android

Perhaps the most important function that one has to look for when choosing a video player for Android is hardware acceleration. Using this rendering method results in less battery consumption, smooth and fast playback and great overall image quality. While most developers advertise hardware playback for their video playing apps, few really offer the function.

VPlayer is one of the few video player  available on the Play Store with true Hardware Playback option. It has options for everything you could need to enjoy a pleasant viewing experience. You can customize the aspect ratio (4:3, 16:9), how to display subtitles, audio streams (for more HD movies), etc.. It is able to play all kinds of popular video formats, like MKV, AVI, MOV, FLV, TS, M4V, 3GP. It also can browse the file system or stream video content. It has ability to playback Full HD video on the latest dual/quad-core devices. It also has a very good-looking, clean UI with the latest ICS element in place.

Some of the plus point and minus point for VPlayer Android App:

+Great UI, easy to use

+Lots of features

+ Hardware video playback

-Slow updates

- No hardware playback on Jelly Bean as of yet

Watch below video review of VPlayer Video Player for Android:


Download VPlayer for Android free by hitting the widget bellow and you can also purchase the “Unlocker” to get rid of the ads in free version.