Android App Review : Fast Facebook Beta – Stylish Social Network Experience

Fast Facebook Android App is in its early stages of development. Even though its a Beta, the app promises some good features. The application covers all major functions, everything an enthusiast of Facebook uses frequently.

Android App Review Fast Facebook Beta - Stylish and Enjoying Social Network Experience

The first good thing you will notice with Fast Facebook is interface. They fully used design elements from the new Android operating system. There is also some good customization options. In terms of functionality, as the naming suggests, the application works very fast. Feeds page navigation is smooth and without lag, although we see only a limited number of posts. The interface includes a top navigation bar with access to messages, search, buddy lists and photos. Main menu located on the left, has a structure similar to the one found in the official Facebook app. We have access to the profile, groups, changing background options and login / logout. At the bottom we have a shortcuts bar where notifications are displayed in a box and we can post photos and share location.

The negative aspects are also in a relatively small number given the beta stage of the application. Missing are push system-level notifications. In some menus the application hangs and needs 2-3 seconds to recover. Another annoying aspect is that each post must be assessed to press Like. I’m sure many of these issues will be corrected in the final release. Fast Facebook has the potential to become a favorite for many Facebook users. It is certainly a welcome addition to the Play Store, especially since you can download it for free, although things might change with the final release.

Pros of Fast Facebook for Android:

+ Fast, stylish UI

+ High security level and PIN access

+ Continuous photo upload trough camera

Cons of Fast Facebook:

- Missing system-level notifications

- No events view

Download Fast Facebook Beta Android App for free by hitting the widget bellow. You can also purchase the Pro version in anticipation for the final release.


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