Android app Review : ChatON – Samsung’s IM Service for Most Platforms


ChatOn is an instant messaging service from Samsung for all smartphone users!

Samsung’s ChatON service was release to compete with other similar messaging service such as BBM, WhatsApp. Furthermore ChatON has the great advantage that the application is not just limited to the manufacturer’s smartphones. ChatOn is cross-platform supported which is probably the main reason for it to be biggest competitor to other services. It is available for Android Smartphone, Tablet and iOS devices such as iPhone, iPod and iPad, as well as for desktop PC. Basically anyone can use Samsung’s service for communicating with friends and family.


The size of the application in comparison to its competitors may seem too big with 14 Mb to download. ChatON directly imports existing contacts to use ChatON so you can begin immediately. Entirely in the standard fashion, you can either start group chat or individual chats within the app. Functionality of a typical chat app should be known to everyone and clear, so should be the following lines that refer to aspects of the application that make ChatON stand out. One of them is the opportunity to draw your own messages that is quite funny and rewarding. Implementation of this function is very good, giving you the opportunity to make unique signatures on the images you send. Furthermore, the ability to use the “walkie-talkie” function is great which allows to send audio messages instantaneously for up to two minutes long.

On top of Group Chat, ChatON also provides Location Sharing, Music Sharing and also Video Sharing in a very intuitive and simple interface. Furthermore, there are two functions that I would miss after using chaton. I find the interaction rank a great and well thought out idea. There are contacts with whom one is in regular contact and other contacts exist to be contacted at more irregular intervals. This interaction rank shows which contacts to the first, and which belong to the latter category. Here ChatON has the great benefit  to sort by interaction levels that makes much more sense than the permanent scroll up and down. The last notable feature that makes ChatON really stand out from other competitors is it also available on tablets and as a web application. ChatON gains significant flexibility and captivates the user of the non-smartphone world.


Pros of ChatON Android App:

+ Fas and intuitive UI

+ Available for most platforms

+ Some unique functions

Cons of ChatON  for Android:

– No delivery info for messages

– Large number of required permissions

Download ChatON for Android free from Android Market.
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