Android App Review : Adaptxt KeyBoard- A Smarter Way to Type (Video)

Typing on Android devices is already quite simple and pleasure. But if you want to enhanced your typing experience then try out Adaptxt KeyBoard for Android - Intelligent Keyboard! Faster, Smarter & Fluid texting.

Android App Reviews  Adaptxt keyboard

Adaptxt is available for both tablets and smartphones on the Android platform. The application is still in Beta, near final version and has recently received an update that brings many improvements, especially in terms of prediction and error correction. Adaptxt – like other popular solutions - includes the option to customize predictions based on text input from connecting to the most popular services like Facebook, Twitter, SMS and contact lists. Once installed you have to complete the necessary steps to download add-ons that contain different languages or you can do that straight from the Play Store. Then you can set the priority for every add-on based on your most used language.

In the keyboard settings menu you can set the theme from two available options (Dark and Bright), add abbreviations for words, set the error correction parameters and the keyboard feedback by vibration or sound. You can also backup your personal dictionary to SD card. Adaptxt works very well and offers good predictions. I would have appreciated some more customization options but maybe we’ll see those in the final version. Meanwhile you can Download for Adaptxt keyboard by accessing the widget bellow.