Alchemy Android Game : Discover the alchemists inside you, Create New Elements

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On Nov 20, 2012
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Alchemy Android game is not only a puzzle game but also represent the modern science of chemistry. A must download Android game to discover your creativity and imagination

Download Alchemy Android game. Use fire, water, Earth and Air, combine them to create new elements. Life, Beer, Vampires, Skyscrapers and a lot more you can imagine…

The basis of Alchemy established a long time ago which ultimately lead to the foundations for the modern science of chemistry in the early modern period. So alchemists wanted to transform base metals into gold or find the key to eternal life. In the same way this puzzle game will take you on the role of the early times alchemist.

Alchemy android game

The gameplay as title named – Alchemy based on the four basic elements: fire, earth, water and air. Try to discover new elements by combining new and more complex materials and compounds into new items or materials. A total of 330 different elements are available – the game becomes increasingly difficult with time. You will come back again and again to the original materials and make funny combinations. This will take you to discover the man, the panda and the Dinosaur, Super Mario, lightsaber, or Santa Claus and list goes so on. There are so many types of combinations, some of them won’t even cross your mind, such as: the United States produced with a combination of state and McDonalds.

To combine two items, the player puts it just above the other with the finger. By tapping on an empty area of the display you are taken back to the four basic elements. On the plus button player can manages his inventory. There, you can check what it has already been discovered, the elements and the results of experimenting with combinations. The substances can be linked to any other element are marked with a small red star.


In the settings menu, player has option to change icon size, determine language or to enable full screen mode. There is also an option to combine two elements without having to drag them across the screen. The game combines elements only when a connection created. Anyone who thinks that he has affinity for experimenting and thinks of new combinations can send their suggestions directly to the developer. However, the inventory gets more confusing as a player discover more elements. Fortunately Alchemy sorts the elements in alphabetical order though it’s missing a category view. Also be sure to check for guides on the Internet if you think you’re stuck into one place or another.

Pros of Alchemy for Android game:

+ Very complex

+ Huge number of combinations and elements

Cons of Alchemy:

- Inventory list can get really crowded

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