Alarm Clock Plus Android Download v4.2

Alarm Clock Plus for Android is a powerful and stable Alarm Clock App with lots of features. Its flexible configuration options allow you to configure Alarm Clock Plus exactly as you need!

Perhaps one of the things that weaken Android is its standard alarm clock. The default alarm clock brings on any version of Android is clearly little customizable and lack of features. That’s why Android users are always looking for a good alarm clock app for Android. Here’s a solution for you guys and it is Alarm Clock Plus. It is an excellent alarm clock app for Android that replaces the default Android alarm clock with lots of interesting features and a good option for those who need to wake up and have trouble with it.

Alarm Clock Plus app for Android

It lets you configure multiple alarms, each with its own customizable options. With the app you can create unlimited alarm clocks and wake up to your favorite track from any artist, album, or playlist on your phone. Even if you set silent mode it will still ring out. If you’re the type who hardly ever hears the alarm off and go back to sleep, the Alarm Clock Plus is a good solution. An interesting option of the app is that you can put a mathematical equation to be solved – so as long as you do not put the right answer to some simple questions, it does not stop ringing. This option will really help you to get rid of sleep. Another interesting option is Flashlight. When your alarm starts ringing, Alarm Clock Plus, will flash the screen of your phone. If you are completely in the dark light, the flashlight mode will draw your attention.

Let’s take a look at full features of the app Alarm Clock Plus for Android:

  • Unlimited number of alarms
  • Work in silent mode
  • Repeat alarm (snooze)
  • Auto power alarm
  • Day dream (nap alarm) mode
  • Solve mathematical questions to turn off or snooze the alarm clock
  • Music tones
  • Playlist support
  • ALARM fade
  • Once off for repeated alarms
  • Shake the phone to turn off or snooze the alarm
  • Change the time a snooze alarm, while waiting for
  • The default setting for “nap”
  • Reading of the weather and time
  • Most of the settings are independent for each alarm
  • System settings are independent for each alarm
  • Backup settings to a memory card
  • Fully customizable “desktop clock” with the ability to completely turn off, leaving a simple alarm clock
  • Launch Alarm Clock Plus (or any other application) when connected to a charging
  • Transparent clock widgets of different sizes, the widget mode “nap”

Download Alarm Clock Plus v2 Android App v1.00
Alarm Clock Plus Android apk

Alarm Clock Plus is a Free Android App. Download Alarm Clock Plus from the link above or Simply use Barcode reader or click Direct Install form Android Phone’s Browser.
Or, simply follow the link below to download the latest free version of Alarm Clock Plus from Play Store: