Cool Android App: Akinator the Genius App Downland Lite v1.1

Akinator Android app is the Genius which can read your mind and tell you who you’re thinking of by answering a few questions. Think about a real or fictional character and he will try to guess who it is ! Will you dare to challenge the genius ? Akinator is most popular app on iPhone and iOS is now available for Android.

Akinator Android App       Akinator Android App

Note: Akinator Android app requires internet access
Akinator Lite was developed for Android by SCIMOB
Package name : net.scimob.akinator.apk
File sizwe: 1.9MB

Download Akinator Android App lite v1.1
Akinator Android apk

Akinator is a Free Android Game. Download Akinator lite from the link above or Simply use Barcode reader or click Direct Install form Android Phone’s Browser.