Air HID :WiFi Mouse & KeyBoard Android Download v1.3.2.1


Air HID :WiFi Mouse & Keyboard app for Android is using WiFi and Touchscreen, provides wireless keyboard and mouse (trackpad) and the numeric keypad. To use this application, you must start the “andReceiver” on your PC. Download andReciver here.

Air HID Android:WiFi Mouse & KeyBoard

With this application you can use your android as keyboard (numeric, normal, 75, 56, 51 or 46 keys), mouse or whiteboard wirelessly through wifi with the home computer.
The process is very simple. Follow the steps we describe below:
In the PC
You will need to have Java installed on your operating system. If you have not, get it from here
Download the andReceiver on your PC. Once download, you have a zip file, unzip the folder and you will find two files named andReceiver. bat and andReceiver. jar . If it were necessary (as in Linux) give them permission to run.
Execute the file. Jar

Air HID :WiFi Mouse & KeyBoardIn “IP Address:” we will see a direction IP which later will on our Android device.
We’ll make sure it’s running seeing that says ” Running “in both the title of the window and in the green box within the application.
In Android
Once downloaded the mobile application, execute it
As open prompted for a direction IP. This is the IP address that told us the computer program.
With this we have the operating device to work wirelessly with your computer, so just have to select which option you want to use
Set the speed of the mouse, the colors of the application, if we want it to full screen, etc..

Air HID :WiFi Mouse & KeyBoardAfter running an option, you can see how to wirelessly control all your computer equipment, if you change the option, you will have to just click on the bottom corners of the application, or press the menu key our predefined Android. That’s all. Is not is easy?

Air HID :WiFi Mouse & Keyboard was developed for Android by KERORO
Package name : jp.androidTools.Air_HID.apk
File size: 717KB

Download Air HID :WiFi Mouse & KeyBoard Android v1.3.2.1
Air HID android apk                      

Air HID is a Free Android App. You can Download Air HID from the link above or Simply use Mobile Phone Camera with Barcode reader to Download from Android Market.
Or, simply follow the link below to get the latest version of Air HID for Android from Play Store
  • juanel0

    you must have java, the progam is useful

  • Soham Sinha

    APK file doesn’t working….

  • yasin

    I downloaded from mediafire.This files didn’t work and i didn’t find on market.Thanks…

    • admin

      did you download the PC client as well?

      • yasin

        Yes i did. I know this program. I used logmein, phonemypc…But this program didn’t work. It seems 717 kb on your’s site. But it seems 233 kb on mediafire. Thsnks…