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Air Attack full Android is the full arsenal of modern war equipment is released upon you in this breathtaking arcade game! Burn in napalm, suffocate in gas or be nailed to the ground with depleted uranium shells! Air Attack is an amazing 3-D graphics for a smartphone screen. Addicting and challenging game for Android Mobile Phones.

Air Attack full Android game        Air Attack full Android

If you are someone who is like airplane games and looking for a suitable one then AIR ATTACK, an excellent classic air combat game for Android with stunning 3D graphics, is one for you.  Android Air Attack is an award winning next-generation top down air combat shooter game with stunning graphics alongside great audio, effects and awesome gameplay in which your only job is to shooting down planes, tanks, ships, bridges and other facilities of the enemy.

The plot of Air Attack or Air Attack HD is in World War II and you must attack all enemies. In this game, you’ll find all the fun and action you’ve been looking for. You will have the best graphics and the best sound effects, which will offer a lot of realism and feel as if you were actually in the wheel of your plane. You can choose between two planes one bomber or bomber each with a main trigger type and a secondary. You will enter into the enemy area piloting your plane and destroying everything that gets in your way.

You can access to store where you can buy different weapons, auxiliary planes, extra lives, missile and laser or shield among others and also can upgrade your plane, missile, automatic cannon with the money raised in your Missions. Air Attack HD is quite simple to control and anyone can play it.

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New Version: Install to sd-card and fewer permissions.
Differs from the free version in that there are no ads. Thx for your support.
Air Attack was developed for Android by Martin Eriksen
Package name : dk.logisoft.airattackfull
File size: 761KB

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