ADWLauncher EX Android brings Crazy Transitions on Homescreen


The new ADWLauncher EX Android app comes with Crazy Transitions effects and themes to chose form.

We are familiar with the well known open source ADW.Launcher for Android Smartphone which let you customize your Android Homescreen and Apps. The launcher comes with plenty of themes available to download. AnderWeb Developer of ADW.Launcher just released the new premium version ADWLauncher EX. Unlike the ADW.launcher now you have to pay 3.11$ which will bring a bunch of crazy transitions and UI effects on your Android.

ADW Launcher  EX Android app

ADW Launcher is one of the best and most famous Android launcher apps, which has been so successful that even some devices include it by default. The paid version ADW Launcher EX shares the same application core as the free version of the app, but it includes a wealth of new additions and improvements. ADW Launcher EX has many configuration options and themes both free and paid. Even there are some special applications that you can download from market as ADW Notifier and function as a kind of complement to this launcher. With ADW Launcher  EX you can create your own shortcuts, organize folders and dock as well as a applications menu using iPhone style.

Let’s checkout the Demo Video overview of the New ADWLauncher EX Android:

Features of ADWlauncher EX (updated):

  • 10 Different app drawer styles such as 3D Waterfall, 3D Cube, 3D Roll, 3D Ball, 3D wall etc. to choose from
  • 3D style drawer like the Nexus one where you scroll horizontally between applications. There is also the vertical option, much faster and smoother than before.
  • 2 different plain vertical drawer styles, the “old one” and a new fast and smooth one
  • 2 different Iphone-like horizontal application drawers, a traditional paginated one and a new one with continuous fling
  • Lots of new configuration options for icons: new animations while navigating through your desktop screens. Change the appearance of your desktop icons, changing in size, add colored backgrounds, the font size, color
  • New setting icon size to enjoy high quality icons for your favorite themes!
  • Save custom presets configuration: Quickly configure and change the whole desktop configuration by one click!
  • backup and restore your configuration, easy and painless. You can even share your desktop setup with your friends.
ADWLauncher EX is a Paid Android App. Follow the link below to download ADWLauncher EX Android apk from Play Store. In case you are not willing to pay some money, it’s worth to download the free version of ADWLauncher.
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    Dear All, Kindly download the file from
    Just type in search bar ADWLAUNCHER EX and download it and then install it

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    the second link which howard posted works on ma X8 thanks dude

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    None of those links Howard posted work anymore, can someone upload it?

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    I must say this one is the best I have tested. The only issue I have is the Main Dock doesn’t stay on the bottom of the screen when you move vertical or horizontal.

    Great App!

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    It won’t kill you to buy an application like this, even my 4 year old son can afford such a small amount….and it is totally wirth it! So, stop moaning!

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    Here are two download links I got off of XDA thanks to yatin kumar :…

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      Howard can you please show me how to get the black notification bar

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