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Advanced SD Card Manager is a very handy tool and must-have application!! for your Android Smartphone and Devices. Advanced SD Card Manager is an interesting application for Android that allows you display and move all the programs installed on the internal memory that can be run from the SD card. Also, with  Advanced SD Card Manager app you can save some precious phone memory by identifying and listing all applications that can be moved to SD Card! An application quite useful to have in your Android mobile.

Advanced SD Card Manager Android

Advanced SD Card Manager is an effective application manager for Android that lets you detect the location of your applications, move them to SD card from phone memory and remove useless installed apps from your mobile device. Advanced SD Card Manager  Android app can identifies all installed files on your Android device and make a list of the size they occupy in memory. With the app you can easily identify useless files that do not need more in your system. So you can save some additional memory by removing those useless apps. In addition, Advanced SD Card Manager also allows the reverse process (moving from SD to internal memory) and uninstall a number of programs simultaneously.

Advanced SD Card Manager is an easy to use app. Using listings and selectable boxes, you can check the programs you want to move or uninstall.

Advanced SD Card Manager for Android has a great UI that lets you performing the following tasks:

  • Move applications from phone to SD card.
  • Move apps from SD card to the telephone.
  • Uninstall Android apps you have installed.

Download Advanced SD Card Manager Android App v1.00
Advanced SD Card Manager Android apk

Advanced SD Card Manager is a Free Android App. Download Advanced SD Card Manager from the link above or Simply use Barcode reader or click Direct Install form Android Phone’s Browser.
Or, simply follow the link below to download the latest version of the app direct from Play Store:
  • Sebbe

    Does this work on andriod 2.1?

    • Franklin


  • D

    Why is there ads in the bottom pane? And yes, does it work on 2.1?

  • plesanz

    For froyo only

    • D

      Thanks for the reply!

  • G

    Downloaded file does not work, neither do the links!!

  • Don

    yeah am wondering the same because i couldnt scan it

  • Christ

    My Htc Phone it self already got the features.. do we still need others apps for this? thx

  • Ren

    are there any app 2 SD which can work with android 2.1??

  • thyranus

    should indicate that it’s not works with android 2.1

  • ankit

    i also want to know that app2sd having huge process partition i want app like advanced sd manager so i see both internal and sd content and easily move for my moto charm help..please?(2.1eclair)

  • hugo

    Hola no puedo descargar, en algunas paginas si lo descargue pero me sale como un error y no puedo instalarlo alguien eyudeme plis

  • Hassan

    Link2SD works good with andriod 2.1.You just need to have two partitions. Fat32 and ext3.
    See this article