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Advanced Call Manager for Android let you handle numerous phone calls just like you would but with more call blocking options (busy tone,SMS reply and ringer mute) and working with lists. Schedule filtering of your saved profiles and ACM will run them automatically while you will focus on more joyful matters than avoiding unwanted calls.

Advanced Call Manager for Android      Advanced Call Manager Android

As the developers said, Advanced Call Manager Android app is a great for cheating your girlfriend or boyfriend. But we can say that this is a good app which allows you to avoid the unwanted caller. Advanced Call Manager for Android has more call-handling options (busy tone, SMS auto-reply, mute the ringer) and can personalize your response to different callers. Establish a list of contacts, choose how to filter calls, save your call-handling options into Profiles and let ACM run automatically without extra supervision.

Advanced Android Call Manager gives you three more ways to subtly escape calls without having to hang up:

  • Busy tone – send a busy tone to callers. Thus appears constantly busy without acting rude by hanging up.
  • Busy tone and SMS – add a personal touch to sending a busy tone: inform your callers about your availability automatic pre-assigned SMS replies.
  • Mute the ringer – calls through a muted ringer. More discrete, and it does not give the caller any information about your availability while keeping you undisturbed.
  • Handle groups of contacts by creating lists- The easiest way to handle your calls is to divide callers in lists as “Friends”, “Family”, “Work” and assign blocking rules for each.

Advanced Call Manager Android gives you several options from the list by hand:

  • Create blacklists and whitelists – block or allow calls from people in this particular list.
  • Various contact import options – list building quickly and easily.

Advanced Call Manager was developed for Android by Melon JSC
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