Download Free Adobe flash player APK for Android 2.1 Gingerbread Devices


Download and Install Adobe Flash Player apk on Android 2.1 running devices.

With the support of Flash on android users can enjoy a full browsing experience for rich contents on web pages. Android 2.1 comes with the new feature for full flash support. Here is how it works, google just integrated a Flash plugin for Android called Flash uses it to embed itself inside browser.

So browser in android 2.1 mobile phones does not see plugin. Now if you are owner of Android 2.1 or 2.0 smartphone then download the Adobe Flash 10.1 apk application below and get full flash support for your Android 2.1 or 2.0 smartphones.

Adobe flash player APK Download Android 2.1

NOTE : Adobe officially discontinued to support Flash for Android, for recent Android devices running on higher version of Android than 2.1 please follow this page Adobe Flash for Android Free Download Apk.

BUT!There’s another thing inside – a permission called android.webkit.permission.PLUGIN. It is already used by Flash Lite on HTC devices. So this app will replace the lite version of flash and will work with full feature.
This apps was developed for Android by xda-developer AuxLV. If you have any question or need more help please visit the above link to go developer page. Now Download Adobe Flash Player for Android 2.0 and Android 2.1:

Get the above flash player apk on your Android Gingerbread Devices, install and enjoy Flash videos and contents on websites. Let us know if the apk works for you.

  • Herrera Kou

    where I can eliminate this apk?

  • davi


  • pieter

    Instal puffin full flash seport brouzer love it

  • satinder

    not working on my sony w8 same error r showing plz help anybody..

  • piyush

    i want to install flash player on my android 2.2 . any one can help me how to proper install…!!!

  • Yolonda Polhamus

    Sit back and watch complete movies free

  • raman mufty


  • JassyCliq

    THIS WILL NOT WORK FOR ALL DEVICES! Flash 10.X only works for certain processors. Even if your device has FlashLite its still nothing compared to what Flash 10.X is.

  • Joan

    I downloaded and installed this on my Nextbook3 2.1 Android Tablet. IT DID NOT WORK!! I was so disappointed because without a Flash Player there isn’t much you can do on the web. I can’t watch videos, movies, listen to radio stations, or do anything that needs a Flash Player.

  • infoseek

    Not working on HTC TC2 R4, Android 2.2

  • purusar

    doesnot work on vodafone 845 too.

  • Sydney

    Hmm does not work on my android ally neither 2.2

  • StarBD786

    I installed on Android 2.1 (Vodafone 845).but i can’t play any video 2 any says 2 download latest no point 2 download this one..becuz it won’t b work.u have 2 download new version..

  • Vincent

    Nor does it work on the Android 2.0 installed on the Cruz Velocity Reader

    • Darrell Ingram

      Thanks for letting me know. I was going to try it on my Veocity Cruz. I can’t find any flash that will work on it. Skyfire helps a little on some sites.

    • courtney

      Thisis driving me nuts. Icant find a flashplayer for my velosiy cruz either.what Android i suppose to do? By the way its a 2.0. Please someone help……..i just dont know anything about this stuff.

  • Aurel

    doesn’t work on Motorola Backflip 2.1 🙁

  • john

    Doesn’t work on x10i 2.1

  • A.C.E

    This is probably a stupid question, but how do i load the Games and Apps after i download them onto my phone from the Website???

    Any information would…i just got this phone btw!!

    • admin

      Download files then copy it to your Phone SD Card, use any file explorer on your phone to see the files, tap on it to install.

  • h7

    Milestone 2.1 = NOT WORK! (Root)

  • Dont fall for this

    Its doesnt work on my unrooted Milestone 2.1.1 up here in canada… dont waste your time on this things, they never work unless they are announced on like engadget or gizmodo or something.

  • sarvesh

    Will it work on Android 2.0 emulator. I need a flash player plugin for Android 2.0 emulator. Can any body help on this…?

    • hake199

      I need flash player plugin too. Can anybody help? For android v2.1

  • Bobo

    Strike 3 Doesn’t work on my G10 tablet. I really needed it to though so my wife could access BrainPop in her classroom (and NO skyfire doesn’t work for that site either)

  • unonice

    my phone already does flash content, so i don’t know if this thing works or not .. if it doesn’t work, i recommend installing Skyfire .. (its a web browser with flash built in .. works for 90% of any flash content) i use it for

  • Nick

    Installed on the Dell Streak 2.1 build 8105 and doesn’t work either

  • stranger

    It does not work for SGS either.

  • martin

    Well, i´ve installed it but it just won´t work on my Milestone 2.1…

    • Eric

      For those of you were the app failed to work it was suggested that you click on the developer link. The app worked on every tablet I installed it on.