Download AdFree app for Android. Remove Ads from Apps and Browser


If you wonder how to remove add from your Android Phone’s apps and browser then here is the solution. AdFree app for Android will help you get rid of almost any advertisement in applications as well as browsers. To work AdFree Android requires ROOT access on your phone. Block is known by denying requests promotional hosts. If you want to enjoy the popular without seeing ads then install AdFree Android app now. Ad free Angry birds is much smoother.

AdFree Android app removes ads

A lot of free apps in Play Store apply with advertising banners, but real fans do not like freebies and it is therefore present to you the application for root users  AdFree Android, which completely blocks ads in all applications and web browsers. The lack of advertising will allow you to significantly save internet traffic and speed up your websites and applications!

The program AdFree Android is highly customizable and a very useful application for Android that automatically blocks all the ads in the browser and smartphone applications. It allows you to set the home page to be opened by default when launching the browser. It has a function of setting the encoding. Knows how to block pop-up windows – this is the most common form of advertising content. With this program you can allow or disallow upload images to stretch the web pages to fit the screen. It is possible to allow or deny support for Java-script. You can allow to open a new window in the background – a new window will open behind the current one. Also, if you have a low-speed Internet connection AdFree program will be particularly interesting to you, because the ad is not even loaded on your mobile and the speed is not lost!

NOTE: AdFree Android app is only for owners of devices with root-access to which must be extremely careful not to turn the phone into a so-called ‘brick’.

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Download AdFree Android app v0.4.10
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AdFree is a Free Android App. You can Download AdFree from the link above or Simply use Mobile Phone Camera with Barcode reader to Download from Android Market.
  • Ed

    I have a t-mobile g2 it has been rooted, It has a permanent root, not the temp root. How ever I am still getting ads in most of my apps. Any subjestions?

  • c00lajay

    What do you mean with ads? because I dont know if it is normal or if it is what you mean with ads, but I dont know why, I have a little bar of ads in some apps (i didnt had this ads before, but i tried to uninstall the apps i installed after seeing this ads but I got nothing, I mean, I still having the ads in my apps, btw, My ph is not rooted, but I want to be sure, this is gonna work on my ph before I root my ph (first of all I need to know what root a ph means.. lawl..) But I tried to “master clear” my ph and also format both memories (sd and local) but got no results… so.. would you pleas correct me if im wrong (i mean with what im saying =S )

  • littlebearz

    Thanks lol, I couldn’t find this nor my own application in the market lol

    • Silvercrown

      download the file on your PC and save it on your phone’s SD card using your PC’s card reader. Install it on your phone using Apps Installer, be sure your phone is rooted… that’s it!

  • Mr Center

    One of the coolest and most effective apps ever. Haven’t seen an add on my Captivate since installing this.

  • Mark

    Hey GetAndroidStuff,

    Just a quick questions. How can I change the layout into brown or another colour like the picture showed here above? Got the Galaxy S, but the layout is black.

    Greetings Mark

    • admin

      It’s actually black. The image became brown when we take the screenshot from the phone.