Add the World Cup schedule to Android calendar with reminders


Follow the guide below to add the World Cup 2014 schedule to Android calendar with reminders automatically.

Add the World Cup schedule to Android calendar with reminders

The World Cup 2014 Brazil is knocking at the door and surly we all are waiting to see and keep up to date with the games of our national team and favorite football team. But it is not always possible to watch every game on television sitting on a sofa or keep in mind the date and the schedule of the tournament. In this case your Android device can be a very handy tool. Through your Android device, you can keep up with all of the actions that will be happened in the arena and never miss a match.

The best option is to use a dedicated app Find the best world cup 2014 apps for android here to follow the football world cup 2014 but you can also do that by adding the full schedule to your Google Calendar, allowing you to have each and every one of the World Cup 2014 Brazil games in your Calendar app, so you can get a reminder alarm and watch the game from the computer or from your smartphone, wherever you want, anytime.

It just takes a trip to the Google Calendar website and with just few easy steps you’ll be able to follow all of the actions from Brazil. The method is to synchronize the fixture of the 64 matches of the World Cup in Brazil with the Google Calendar account and immediately they will appear in the calendar app on your andorid phone.

  1. First, you must visit the desktop version Google Calendar at using the account you use with the calendar app on your device.
  2. In Google Calendar, you have to go to the “Add by URL” under “Other Calendars” located on the left side of the screen, and then copy and paste the following link-
  3. Then press “Add Calendar”. That’s all.

Note: You have to set a default reminder option in order to get the notifications before each game. To do so, follow the tutorial here. Remember this is very important if you want to get notified through email or pop up notifications.

add the World Cup 2014 schedule to Android calendar with reminders automatically

the 64 games will automatically appear in your Google calendar (in some case you may need to go to the setting in calendar app on your android device, click on the account and you will see the option to sync the newly added calendar manually). Now if you view the calender, you’ll see that all the matches of the World Cup 2014 on your calendar are added, along with the respective dates and hours.

The best part about this is that the dates and times will change according to your time zone, and since you have subscribed, rather than imported, so if any games are changed or updated you’ll see the changes on your calendar automatically.

Enjoy the Football World Cup 2014!