AContact – Smart Contact Android app download. Better contact list and Dialer

If you find difficulties to use the default Contact app in your Android Smartphone or if it doesn’t feel easy to search contatcts then you should have try AContact – Smart Contact Android app. With T9 dialer AContact is a fully customizable contact app which also got a brand new dialer.

You can also Swipe to toggle between different Screens. AContact has Contact list, Dialer and Call log/Favorite contacts. Press Menu key to pull out setting.

Download AContact - Smart Contact Android app      Download AContact - Smart Contact Android app

Features of :
* T9 search/dialer pad.
* Customizable screens, mix & match functions you like.
* Customizable contact list.
* Three keyboard style in contact list: collapsible bottom keyboard, right side vertical IPhone like keyboard, no keyboard.
* Adjustable text size, small or big as you wish.
* Filterable call history, favorite contact list.
* Delete/Clean call log by contact name or number.

AContact was developed for Android by movesti
Package name : com.movester.quickcontact.apk
File size: 1.18MB

Download AContact – Smart Contact Android App v1.6.2:
AContact - Smart Contact Android apk

AContact – Smart Contact is a Free Android App. Download AContact – Smart Contact from the link above or Simply use Barcode reader or click Direct Install form Android Phone’s Browser.