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google duo vs facetime on android phones

Google Duo Versus Apple FaceTime: Is Google’s App Better Than FaceTime on Android?

A look at the Google's new video calling app "Google Duo" in comparison with "Apple Facetime" Thanks to better cameras in mobile devices, video chat...
FaceTime for Android - the best facetime app

How to get FaceTime for Android; Best FaceTime app alternatives for Android

Wondering how to get facetime for android? Well, you've some excellent Facetime app alternatives to download on Android. As most Apple users are aware, FaceTime...
VAT Calculator Pro - Best business app android

Best Business Apps | 10 Android app to help business grow from Phone

Best business Apps those help business personnel to ease their life. With some smart hand solutions and prompt features to manage appointments, print documents, scan...
top android apps 2015

15 top android apps 2015

People just never stopped using these apps in every bit of 2015. Take a look at the top android apps 2015. We've recently published a...
Best Android Apps of All time

The Best Android Apps of All Time

Got a new andorid smartphone or tablet? Well, here are the best android apps of all time to be loaded on your device asap. Either...
Top Ten Free Android Apps Dayframe

Top 10 Free Android Apps just in on Google’s Play Store

Top 10 Free Android Apps This Week : Flud, AutoInput, a few messaging apps and more.. As we always bring you the best of what...
Mobile Security & Antivirus is a must have android app

The Top 10 Essential Android Apps for Free

A list of the most essential android apps that every smartphone or tablet owner should download on their devices. When you have an Android device,...
Best Video calling app for android

Best Free Video Calling Apps for Android

The Best Video Chat Apps to Video Calls On Android for FREE As mobile data network service becomes faster with new 3G & 4G technology,...
Top Android Apps for Business on the go

Top Android Apps for Business on the go!

Download these Top android apps for Business to stay tuned with your customer and business documents on the go! The Google Play store has on...