5 New Android Apps worth Downloading


Checkout the following 5 new android apps worth downloading and give a try on your android devices.

Lots of android apps come to market every day. The top positions get changed every week according to their appearance, features and convenience. Here we are going to give a list of top 5 new android apps chosen from the recent apps on play store. You need to go through the content to know about their amazing features and the address from where you may download the app. So have a glimpse and grab you’re your Android app.

Checkout below the 5 new android apps on google play store:

1. Upnext

UpNext new android apps
Downlaod UpNext

Recently, one most beautiful appearing calendar app which is actually a widget naming Upnext is left in the market. This widget can be hooked with the remaining device calendar. There are two versions of it. One is completely free and another one has to be paid for. The free one let you watch the calendars. If you want to have any of them, you have to pay . You can customize it and make it as transparent as you want. The light and dark combined themes are so good that you don’t need to chance that much.

2. TVCatchup Free

TVCatchup android app
Downlaod TVCatchup

Another recreational app is the TVCatchup app. It has been re-appeared after some legal issues at Google playstore. Now you can download it for free and enjoy some specific TV channels. It works like a live TV streaming app on your android which broadcast some free channels. If you want to remain aloof from the illegal side and you are in UK ISP then you have to hold a TV license. The picture definition is very good too.

3. Snailboy

Downlaod Snailboy

Snailboy is a gaming app. It’s a new version of android app angry bird and has much more fun facts in it. Its high animated visualization is very eye-catching. Here the mollusc Angry Birds will be shot and reached the end stage alive recapturing its lost shell. By this way the Angry Bird will go through different unfriendly situations. You also need to guide the Snail boy slapping the puzzles. If you are able then all the three stars will be yours. Thus, this gaming app will keep you busy with many more activities to do with it.

4. Sounders FC

Sounders FC android app

We aren’t telling, you must have to be a sounders FCs fan and we know that all are not either. If you are a fan by chance then here comes good news for you. Recently Sounders have updated their site and redesigned it. Now you can have their team information and schedules from anywhere through this app.

5. Impossible Road

Downlaod Impossible Road

You can have the game for $1.99. Here you have to ouch the screen as long time as possible and the sphere will turn larger. There is a track and it will help you not to fly from the edge. The sphere can be controlled tapping left or right. It’s a very easy and addictive type game.

What other apps you’ve recently download from google play store? For more top free android apps you should also browse through our android apps of the week section.