For those who addicted to instant messaging or chatting with friends from their smartphone should checkout the following Best Free Messaging Apps For Android.

Do you want send messages to your friends and family without having to rely on a text messaging plan? Perhaps you want to communicate with loved ones outside of the country affordably or completely free. Whatever the case may be, you need to be aware of the top free messaging apps for your Android device.

The following apps will allow you to communicate with those closest to you on your Android device without having to pay for inflated text messaging plan.

WhatsApp Messenger

WhatsApp Messenger for android
Download WhatsApp (Free)
For only $0.99 USD/year (your first year with WhatsApp is free), you can send messages to anyone in the world without any hidden costs or fees! Whether you are using WiFi or 3G/4G to message your favorite people, you can do so by easily switching from SMS to WhatsApp on the fly. From sending normal messages to picture messages, video messages, even short audio notes, WhatsApp makes it easy to chat affordably. It even allows you to invite multiple people to a group chat. When you want to chat at a flat rate, you cannot go wrong with WhatsApp.


Snapchat for android
Download Snapchat (Free)
What if there was a messaging app that allowed you to snap a picture and temporarily share it with your loved ones instantly? That’s the beauty of Snapchat – a messaging app that allows users to snap a photo or shoot a video, add a caption, and send it to a friend (or more) where they can see the Snap then watch it disappear. When you want to share your memories with those closest to you while having the peace of mind of knowing that those pictures/videos will disappear forever and only reside in the minds of those that were meant to see it, Snapchat is for you.


Viber for android app
Download Viber (Free)
With Viber, users can text, send photo and video messages, and call other Viber users via WiFi/3G free of charge. Do you need to call a non-Viber user, yet you want to save money doing it? Viber offers calls to landline and mobile numbers at competitive rates. Additionally, you can even use Viber on your tablet, essentially turning your tablet into a smartphone thanks to the power of Viber!

Facebook Messenger

Download Facebook Messenger for Android
Download Facebook Messenger (Free)
When you want to communicate with your friends on Facebook instantly, you need Facebook Messenger. Allowing you to read/send messages without opening Facebook, Facebook Messenger also allows you to record voice messages, call your Facebook friends within the app no matter where the two of you are located, and so much more. Making Facebook messaging as easy as texting your friends and family, Facebook Messenger is the premier way to message your Facebook friends!


GO SMS Pro for android phone
Download GO SMS Pro (Free)
Do you want something more out of your MMS/SMS experience? Then you need GO SMS Pro. Offering over 200+ themes, 800+ emoticons, and even auto-reply/scheduled message capabilities, GO SMS Pro is the ultimate text messaging replacement. When you want the most out of text messaging, you cannot go wrong with GO SMS Pro. Get more out of texting today – get GO SMS Pro!

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