Customize your homescreen with these 5 Best Free Widgets for Android Tablet & Phone.

Best Free Widgets for Android Tablet & Phone

Android devices are incredibly popular and because of this, developers have created a range of android widgets and applications, some paid and some which are free, for Android. These have a range of functions such as organizing your home screen or clearing up space on your device. Although each of the following widgets serves a slightly different purpose, they are some of the best free options for Android to consider downloading to your device.

Ultimate custom widget (UCCW)

UCCW (Ultimate Custom Widget) is a versatile, but free widget that allows you to completely customize your device’s home screen. There are a large number of skins available and after selecting the one that you like the best, you can add custom weather info, battery meters, clocks and other features to your skin to truly personalize your device. This is one of the best free widgets for home screen customization due to the large number of skins and various combinations you can make with battery meters and clocks. You are even able to use custom texts and the widget will display all of the crucial information such as unread emails in your Gmail account, text messages and missed calls.

Downlaod UCCW Widget App Here

Zooper Widget

Zooper Widget for android

Zooper is like UCCW in that it is a widget that focuses on customization but it is unique in several ways. When you download Zooper you will automatically have downloaded sample templates and several custom fonts but it is easy to add additional options if you choose. It is easy to create your own templates and personalize every part of your style including position, shapes, text and color. You can also customize the date and Zooper even lets you easily create countdowns. Other features include basics such as displaying missed calls as well as unique features such as the sunrise and sunset information.

Downlaod Zooper Widget App Here

Car Widget

Download Car Widget for android

Car Widget is the perfect Android widget for those who spend a great deal of time in their car or on the go. This widget is unique among car widgets in that it still allows access to your home launcher. Instead you simply assign a screen (or more) to this widget and use those when on the road. The icons on the widget are large and easily scrollable, making it incredibly easy to customize. You simply need to press one button to get navigation information or to use the phone. There are also several shortcuts that you can customize based on your needs.

Downlaod Car Widget App Here

DashClock Widget

Android Lock Widget - DashClock Widget

The DashClock Widget is a way to customize your device’s lock screen. It will allow you to view a range of information from the lock screen without having to enter your passcode and unlock your phone. In addition to basic information such as the time and date, it will also display the next alarm that is scheduled, the next event in your calendar, the weather, missed calls and texts and any unread messages in your Gmail inbox.

Downlaod DashClock Widget App Here

Clean Master – Free Optimizer

Clean Master is a simple to use and free widget that allows you to unclutter your device so you can use it more efficiently. It will clean your residual files and cache to increase your performance and restore memory as well as provide security by scanning the files and apps for spyware, adware, Trojans and more. It also includes an application manager so you can easily back up crucial ones and remove ones that you don’t need.

Downlaod Clean Master Widget App Here

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