A list of quick and easy android games which are also very addictive and available at no cost. Downlaod 5 Best Free Addictive Android Games.

There are thousands of different applications available for Android devices and a large number of these are games. Sometimes games seem to fade in and out of popularity but certain games are more than just popular; they are addictive.

Here are the best Android games that are incredibly addictive to play.

Dots: A Game about Connecting

Download Dots
Dots is a simple yet addictive game that requires quick movements as well as a bit of planning. You start with a series of dots on a grid and you connect dots of the same color with lines. The dots you connect will disappear, the rest will fall down, and new ones will drop in at the top. Your goal is to score as many points as possible in 60 seconds of game play. As with any other Android game, there are also power ups to help you get a higher score while playing.

Doodle Jump

Free Addictive Android Games- Doodle Jump Christmas Special android game
Download Doodle Jump
The goal of Doodle Jump is seemingly simple. You have to get your character to jump up a series of platforms and see how high up you can travel. As you jump between platforms, you have power ups that you want to hit as they will help give you power boosts and make your job easier. There are also obstacles such as black holes that you need to stay away from. For added entertainment, some of the platforms will shift, disappear, or be broken.

Temple Run

Free Addictive Android Games - Temple Run android game for free
Download Temple Run
Temple Run has been around for several years now and is just as addictive as ever. Your goal is to continue running endlessly, jumping over obstacles for as long as you can. Your character has stolen an idol and the monkeys from the temple it was in are chasing you. As you run, you need to follow the curves and turns of the path as well as jump over obstacles. You will also collect coins as you go and later on you can use these to purchase power ups to help you avoid the monkeys.

Alchemy Classic

Download Alchemy Classic
Alchemy Classic seems simple at first but takes a lot of thought and guesswork to succeed. You start with the basic elements: air, fire, water, and earth and have to combine them to create all of the items you see around you in the world today. As you create new items, you then have the option of combining those and it is these combinations that let you create items such as homes or solar power. You can play this game for hours on end as there are hundreds of different combinations and it is constantly updated.

Bouncy Bit

Download Bouncy Bit
Bouncy Bit is a seemingly simple modern variation of the classic game Pong but it can actually be very challenging. You are in control of a ball and have to tap the screen to get the ball to bounce up and move towards one of the walls on the side of the screen. To make the game harder, there are spikes on the top and bottom of the screen as well as occasional ones that appear on the sides that you have to avoid.

This game is particularly addictive for those who love simple concepts that are challenging to carry out.