Here is a list of 5 best android apps every Htc One M8 owner should download on their new shiny smartphone.

5 best apps for Htc One M8

You have got simply picked up your whole fresh HTC One (M8) and you are thus pleased with your new purchase! You’ll be happy to grasp that the HTC One M8 does not simply have a good show to its credit. It additionally has some pretty hefty process power that capable to handle any app you throw in.

Let’s checkout and download 5 best apps for Htc One M8:

1. Reactr: Selfies + Reactions
Download Reactr: Selfies

Who doesn’t like sharing laughably banal pictures with their pals? It’s no surprise that messaging apps unit of measurement so illustrious recently. With Reactr, you will be able to forestall to a full new level of fun for your favorite pastime! With this nice app, you will be able to receive image reactions from your friends and share photos with them any. Once the selfie pic is in use or videotape recorded, the sender will customise their message and share with their friends. Upon receipt, the recipient will then share their time period selfie response, via pic or video, with the first sender so they will see first-hand however they responded.

2. Timehop

Timehop best apps for htc one m8
Download Timehop

This digital social media capsule is such an incredible concept! With the Timeshop app, all of your Facebook- Twitter- Instagram & Foursquare and Flickr uploads square measure packed into one and you’ll be able to see what all you were up to within the days elapsed. you have got a cute very little archosaur guide known as Abe, World Health Organization takes you on some time travel journey through all of your best, most painting social media moments, typically even through the embarrassing ones you wanted you had forgotten.

3. VSCO Cam

VSCO Cam android app for galaxy s5 phone
Download VSCO Cam

What higher thanks to showcase your new twin screen camera than with the quickest growing, social photography apps. Instagram has been plagues latterly with the tag #vsco, that signifies the photos were infatuated VSCO camera. The app provides an excessiveness of filters and tools, creating your photos look far more skilled than Instagram’s filters. It may even be ensuing Instagram!

4. Flipboard: Your News Magazine

Flipboard- Your News Magazine andoird tablet app
Download Flipboard

This handsome wanting news app can flow with vogue on your new HTC One M8.. you’ll be able to increase your profile what genres or sites you wish to be in your virtual ‘newspaper’ so flick through them such as you would do on a true paper. It’s well-favoured, useful, and even supports integration along with your Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts. you’ll be able to add stories to your own ‘magazine’ for later reading, and bring back story shorts for offline reading at a later time. I attempted out many news apps aside from this one, together with Pulse, but this one simply blows the competition straight out of the water. You can download Flipboard from the Google Play Store link above.

5. All-In-One Toolbox

Download All-In-One Toolbox (29 Tools)

All-in-One Tool Box permits you to perform several important and necessary phone functions from one handy interface. It includes a system cleaner, history cleaner…to be honest, all types of cleaners. it is also a task killer, and it will assist you manage the battery life higher on the HTC One M8. there is conjointly an oversized list of plug-ins offered from this app, like an electric lamp plugin, compass plugin, and volume settings plugin. You can download All-In-One Toolbox from the Google Play Store link above.

The new Htc One’s brilliant 5-inch Super liquid crystal LCD digital display and alphanumeric display screen and a 469 ppi display with sixteen million colors that lets each app enthusiast get the largest bang for the buck in terms of nice visuals. This phone takes color on the Smartphone to a full new level, by with beaming hues and deeper blacks. Hopefully, you’ve already started to download the best htc one apps we mentioned.

Don’t forget to share the title of other apps you’ve install on your beloved htc one m8 in the comment section below.

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