5 Best Android apps in March 2014 for Free


Here is a list of the 5 best android apps for the month of March 2014.

We all love to try out new apps on our andorid smartphone or tablet, especially if they can be downloaded for free. And what can’t be better than that if you just get a list of some of the best free andorid apps from the recent releases. That’s what we are going provide you – a list of 5 Best Android apps in March 2014 for Free.

Let’s checkout the new andorid and load them up on your device.

CM Security – Antivirus FREE

CM (Cleanmaster) Security FREE android app
Download CM Antivirus FREE
CM Security – FREE Antivirus for Android is one of the top mobile security apps that will help you to protect your phone and tablets from viruses, malware, spyware, and Trojans. The app will scan both installed apps and files to detect threats. Pressing the center button, it will start scanning your device for threats, whether in the form of malicious application, any SMS that may be listed as Phishing, and even the configuration of your device. You can also block unwanted phone calls and cleanup junk file with the app.


Telegram android app
Download Telegram
Telegram Messenger for Android is a free messaging service focused on speed and security. You can create group chats of up to 200 people, share photos and videos with friends and family members in a safe and secure way. The app offers free unlimited cloud storage, which means you can access the contents of your messages and files sent from any of your multiple computers and mobile devices. A good alternative messaging app for those who get bored using Whatsapp.

Tidy – Photo Album

Download Tidy – Photo Album
A good photo viewer for your Android powered devices, focused on creating albums and organizing photographs. It’s a nifty little app with great design that allows the grouping of pictures and ease of moving through them. The application displays a menu system and configuration based on “drag” screen and filters that can be used to organize the display of images. Additionally, it also allows you to make simple adjustments to your pictures and apply filters.

Weather Ultimate

Weather Ultimate android app
Download Weather Ultimate
With the app, as you wake up and take a look at your phone you’ll know if you have to leave home with umbrella and waterproof boots or sunglasses. With just one tap you receive the weather condition of your current location in your status bar. In addition to the current time, you can also see the five-day forecast. When opened, you’ll see a wallpaper according to the meteorological condition. A good weather app that deserve to be installed on your Android devices.

Link Bubble

Download Link Bubble
Link Bubble is designed to make it easier to handle the link to web content that you frequently find in social networks and other apps. The app opens a “bubble” hovering over the application that contains the link. The bubble content in question opens and closes the link after an inquiry, without affecting the state of the application containing the link. The application will definitely change the way of browsing internet on your Android.

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