5 Apps to make Android look like iPhone


Want to Give Your Android Smartphone the Look of iOS7. Here Are Some iOS launcher and Apps to Do It.

Even if us Android guys wouldn’t give up on our favorite OS for Anything there are still parts of iOS we would like to experiment. The Lockscreen, Wallpapers, anything can seem attractive to some and for this many developers have created apps that emulate parts of iOS as close as to the original as possible.

make android look like iphone

Here are some of the best apps we could find to give your android phone iOS flavor. Make Android look like iPhone.

iOS 7 Lockscreen Parallax HD


Download iOS 7 Lockscreen
Using HD images the lockscreen can even show your installed all right on the first page. It features the parallax effect – one of the main highlights of iOS 7 and has option for PIN protection and other security features. You can also set your own wallpaper, enable or disable the 3D effects and sound and there is even the iOS7 control center appearing when you slide from the bottom to activate WiFi, Bluetooth and more.

iOS 7 Live Wallpaper 3D

Download iOS 7 Live Wallpaper 3D
Looks good and feels great. Plus unlike the original which is limited to only a few options this one offers plenty more. Here are some of the features the free version offers:
– Home screen 3D parallax effect
– Tilt 3D Parallax effect
– Smooth animation
– Portrait and landscape support
– Tablet support
– MoveToSD support
– Touch interactivity
– Glitter effect

Hi Music – iOS 7


Download Hi Music – iOS 7
An iOS7 style music player with all the features one would require. It looks good and among the (very) long list of features it  offers cover flow, equalizer, search function, edit metadata, t switch to next song via swipe the album art in album/tracks view and many more. It even offers lockscreen playback and as far as I know it is the only one to emulate the new iOS look. It is without a doubt wort a try.

Cool Launcher – iOS 7


Download Cool Launcher – iOS 7
A launcher that perfectly emulates the original released by Apple. Only that it emulates it a bit too well as it does not offer that many settings. In any case it looks great and is smooth and fast. Some if its features include:
[quote_right]Also checkout Espier Launcher iOS7.[/quote_right]

– iOS 7 wallpaper to change
– Dynamic calendar icons
– Prefect iOS7 style animations
– Fast, Quick and low memory
– App folder
– Support Nexus 5

iOS 7 Calculator

iOS 7 Calculator app for android
Download iOS 7 Calculator
Last but not least a simple app that everybody uses. Only that this time is made in iOS 7 style. It features a very easy to use and attractive interface. Coming Soon – “…-long awaited landscape scientific calculator!”For now it can perform the basic operations and it includes  a percentage calculation. More coming soon.

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These are the apps should be downloaded for those who wants to test some of the features and feeling iOS 7 offers. Don’t get me wrong, Apple has done a great job with it but don’t you think Android is still always one step ahead. Until android 4.4 kitkat arrive on your device play with these app.

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