3G Watchdog Android Download v0.23.3

3G Watchdog Android app will allow you to control your data consumption. With this app you can monitor and control Internet use in your mobile phone. The app provides the tools needed to know in real time what applications connect to Internet. After being installed, the software adds a special icon in the notification bar that changes in tone between red, green and orange depending on the connection status of the phone or tablet.

3G Watchdog Android

With this app, which is very useful for Mobile Internet (4G/3G/Edge/GPRS) users, you can make a consumption plan to finish the month. Surely your operator to lower the speed of your connection or charge extra penny once exceeded the limit set in the contract. Whatever your contract, this application will help you control the data passing through your phone. When installing the application, we must tell meg limit that we hired, so that from that time, keep track of exactly what can or can not navigate. All this we will see concrete numbers both as a percentage and an illustrative bar. Moreover, we indicate what we have consumed a particular day, for a week and during the month and can see the daily history at any time. 3G Watchdog has a great widget that allows you to see it comfortably from your desktop data consumption. The app also allows the setting of an alarm to tell us when we get to a certain percentage.

3G Watchdog for Android is a free app, if you want more options as each application consumes know how or have a desktop widget with more options, a paid version is available in the market for this. Although there are few similar apps available in the market, but 3G Watchdog is seen as the best app to control data usages on Android smartphones or tablets. Its simplicity in use and their accuracy when calculating the megs is very good.

Features of 3G Watchdog Android app:
- Monitoring of mobile traffic (3G/Edge/GPRS);
- Notifications about exceeding the limits;
- Reports on traffic consumptions for day/week/month;
- Export of the reports in a form of CSV.

NOTE: – Shouldn’t be installed on SD card (run as service)

Download 3G Watchdog Android v0.23.3
3G Watchdog android apk           

3G Watchdog is a Free Android App. You can Download 3G Watchdog from the link above or Simply use Mobile Phone Camera with Barcode reader to Download from Android Market.
Or, get the latest version of the app from Play Store