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A flight action game that takes you on a breathtaking race stunt to 8 fantasy environments filled with fun!

3D Super-G Stunt for Android is a very good flight simulator that gives wings to your mobile.

3D Super-G Stunt Android Game        Android Game 3D Super-G Stunt

3D Super-G Stunt is a 3D flight simulator game where you have to take control of an old biplane qui you guide through highly textured landscapes and traps as you have to go through without crashing halos.

Eight different worlds await you in Super-G Stunt and ten different planes are available, with views from the cockpit or behind the plane, to make it pass through bright circles without hitting the elements of decor. You can choose a rear view of the device or directly into the cockpit. In the options window you can also choose one of three difficulty levels. For each shock, narrowly missed each circle, you lose points. Of course, you regain when you sneak to the right place. If you’re lost, do not panic, you arrow indicates the next goal. That’s Super-G Stunt. Get into the cockpit and show off your unbeatable stunts!

Pros: The game comes with beautiful graphics, 10 different aircraft with cockpit view. Only cons is the game control. Very sensitive, Super-G Stunt is difficult to handle during the early stages. Use trackball or keypad for control. Keypad control: slide out the keypad before entering the game. Keys for control – JKIM/ASWZ.

Each level of Super G Stunt is carefully designed to challenge players concentration, accuracy and response. With video help, provided by the developer, you can quickly become a flying ace in three difficulty levels. Especially as the game gives you the opportunity to review the video of your journey after each mission.

3D Super-G Stunt was developed for Android by OmniG Software Inc.
Package name : com.omnigsoft.supergstuntjava.apk
File size: 1.24MB

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3D Super-G Stunt apk

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