Our favorite picks of the very best of free android games throughout the year 2014.

Welcome to 2015. As we did over the last few years, this year we will continue to bring you the list of the top android games from the google play store available for free. Also get the 30 Top Free Android Apps 2014 HereBut here on this page allow us to recap the top android games from 2014 available to download without paying.

Forget the world. Download and fall in love with these top free android games 2014.

Candy Crush Saga

8.6Candy Crush Saga is one of the most fun and addictive puzzle game with social aspect, in which you have to connect different candy colors to create chains and make them disappear. You must juggle different elements to achieve combinations and get the most points to complete the levels that the game offers.

Download Candy Crush Saga (Free)

Don’t Tap The White Tile
8.8Don’t Tap the White Tile is a game of puzzle and reflections, in which you just have to try to tap on the black tiles and avoid the white tiles, because if you tap one of the white tiles the game will be over. The game may seem easy at first, but soon see it’s not as easy as the difficulty progresses.

Download Don’t Tap The White Tile (Free)

Despicable Me

9.0Despicable me: Minion Rush is one of the most compelling games for Android in three dimensions where you will have to control the famous minions of the movie Despicable Me. You’ll have to deflect obstacles and run at full speed to achieve your goals in an environment with 3D graphics.

Download Despicable Me (Free)

Farm Heroes Saga
8.5Farm Heroes Saga is a fun puzzle game for Android with social aspect in which you get groups of three or more figures of the same type to remove them and achieve the objectives proposed in the level. It is a good puzzle game with colorful graphics.

Download Farm Heroes Saga (Free)

Angry Birds Space
8.8Angry Birds Space is the intergalactic episode of Angry Birds, one of the most entertaining and original series from Rovio. You’ll face against the green pigs in planetary environments that will test your aim. In it you will experience challenging levels, characterized by a sophisticated gravitational physics will constitute a challenge. The game will entertain you wherever you go.

Download Angry Birds Space (Free)

Laserbreak Lite
8.1If you like to think, then Laserbreak Laser Puzzle is created for you. This is a super fun and challenging game with many levels, in which you must use a laser and several reflective elements to solve problems and avoid obstacles.

Download Laserbreak Lite (Free)

Subway Surfers
8.7Subway Surfers is a fun and addictive endless racing game where you’ll have to embody the role of Jake, who has to escape a police chases. Along the way, you have to go around obstacles, collect coins and decide the path quickly, because as you go you find several alternative paths and you have to choose the one in a few seconds.

Download Subway Surfers (Free)

Into the Dead
8.3In Into the Dead, you will find yourself in the world of zombie apocalypse. Do whatever is possible to stay alive as long as possible. Move quickly to defend.

Download Into the Dead (Free)

Clash of Clans
9.1Clash of Clans is a strategy and management game in real time in which you must build a village, get resources and train your troop to defend your village from the invasion of enemy tribes and send them to destroy and capture enemy clans. It is an addictive title that will hook you many hours to your smartphone.

Download Clash of Clans (Free)

Dots: A Game About Connecting
8.2Dots is a simple but addictive game, in which you have to connect dots of the same color to make lines. You get extra points if you make a square, then all points of the same color disappear and added to your score.

Download Dots (Free)

Quell Memento+
9.3Quell Memento for Android is a charming puzzle game that tests your brain and capture your heart. In this game you have to restore order in an abandoned house that has been altered by memories of last occupant. You have to solve more than 150 puzzles, more than 20 secret levels as a bonus, many hidden levels to discover, etc..

Download Quell Memento+ (Free)

Batman Arkham Origins
8.0Join Batman in his fight against crime and criminals. Batman Arkham Origins is an outstanding action game in three dimensions in which you will control Batman, who will have to defend the city and fight against the super villains.

Download Batman Arkham Origins (Free)

9.1Badland is an atmospheric arcade game with elements of runner where you have to go flying with a child and overcoming all kinds of obstacles. In a way, the dynamics reminds Jetpack Joyride but with a much more elaborate artistic touch.

Download BADLAND (Free)

Crazy Taxi™ City Rush
7.8Enjoy exciting races with the most crazy drivers in this fun racing game Crazy Taxi City Rush. Explore the city with the most picturesque and take passengers to their destination in the shortest possible time. The game allows you to play with your device both horizontally and vertically, play music from your personal library and challenge your friends to lead the leaderboards.

Download Crazy Taxi (Free)

7.9PewPew is a multidirectional shoot them up game for Android. Basically it’s filled with tons of Enemies and many Different Game modes. You will be the center of the screen and you must destroy the millions of enemies trying to destroy you.

Download PewPew (Free)

Plague Inc.
9.2Plague Inc is a rather unusual strategy game in which your goal is to infect all of humanity with a deadly virus. But it is not so simple – all you need to think carefully. After all, people move around the planet and are able to create anti-virus and vaccine. So you’ll have a clear strategy and not act at random!

Download Plague Inc. (Free)

Temple Run 2
8.7Temple Run 2 is the sequel to the famous endless runner game. The game keeps the essence of Temple Run with notable visual enhancements, new obstacles, new power-ups and new achievements.

Download Temple Run 2 (Free)

Bad Piggies
8.5Bad Piggies is a fun game for Android where you will find the classic green pigs, which in this case will be the stars of the proposal. Your goal is to help them get the coveted eggs, which is not entirely straightforward. For this you need to build creative vehicles through which the piglets arrive at their destination.

Download Bad Piggies (Free)

9.0This is the second part of Dead Trigger with great graphics and dozens of doomsday scenario. This is a first person shooter game where you must kill dozens of monstrous creatures overwhelming apocalyptic scenarios.

Download DEAD TRIGGER 2 (Free)

Radiant Defense
9.3In Radiant Defense you will enter in a galactic war against invading aliens. You’ll have to do everything possible to meet your base before their attacks.

Download Radiant Defense (Free)

Tiny Thief
8.2This is a fun adventure where you play as a young thief who steals from the rich and thugs to help the poor. The basis of the game is hidden in barrels, shrubs, and other places not to be seen by enemies while collecting objects that help you solve puzzles to meet the objectives of each level.

Download Tiny Thief (Free)

Sonic Dash
8.6Sonic Dash is an adventure racing game, in which you will have to run great distances and full of challenges, face enemies and overcome all obstacles, and collect the famous rings. How far can you and famous hedgehog drive faster in the world?

Download Sonic Dash (Free)

8.4SHADOWGUN: DeadZone is an online multiplayer action game in the third person. You can play the game with up to 12 people in real time and are able to chat with them through voice.

Download SHADOWGUN: DeadZone (Free)

Cut the Rope: Time Travel
8.7Cut the Rope: Time Travel is an original and fun puzzle game where you must feed friendly monsters. You will have to solve physics puzzles, in which you will activate mechanisms to make candies fall into the mouths of hungry creatures.

Download Cut the Rope: Time Travel (Free)

me”>Beach Buggy Blitz
8.4Beach Buggy Blitz is a fun racing game that will transport you to some beautiful beaches, where you must drive your own vehicle with greater skill to win. During your career you will find numerous bonuses and prizes, ranging from coins to increase your speed propellers.

Download Beach Buggy Blitz (Free)

Shattered Planet (RPG)
7.6Shattered Planet is a fun game with a super role and interesting atmosphere, which also has a great visual style. It is one of the best titles in the genre of RPG for Android.

Download Shattered Planet (RPG) (Free)

Voxel Rush: 3D Racer Free
8.3Voxel Rush is a game of infinite career that provides you to enjoy a game of superfast, minimalist racing and unbeatable 3D with its multiplayer mode in real time. In it you need to avoid obstacles (huge blocks) while going forward as increasing speed.

Download Voxel Rush (Free)

7.9Swordigo is a game that mixes platform games with RPG elements, and has an excellent control system. In Swordigo you have to defeat your enemies and save the world.

Download Swordigo (Free)

8.2Spaceteam is a different social game in which two to four players can join a virtual space crew, as long as they are in the same room sharing WiFi or Bluetooth network. Cooperation and communication will be vital in this game to move forward.

Download Spaceteam (Free)

7.8Deadlings is a platform game with a mix of strategy where your goal is to create an entire army of zombies and try to overcome a number of levels. You will find traps and puzzles that must resolve to move forward and achieve your goal.

Download Deadlings (Free)

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