10 Most Popular Android Apps in 2010

2010 is a great year for Android platform. The Android become most popular platform and developers brings over 80000 apps on Android Market. Here is a short review for 10 most popular Android Apps in 2012. Let’s see the list

1. Google Maps Android

Use Google Maps and never need a paper map again. Google Maps is one of the best Navigation software available out there for Android Mobile Phones though it’s still in beta. Google Maps Android just perfect with Voice recognition mapping, directions very accurate. Some great features included in Google Maps:Google Maps for Android
New in Google Maps:
* Walking Navigation (Beta)
* Filter search results by distance or ratings
* Maps live wallpaper weather
* Navigation (Beta)
* Search by voice
* My Location
* Business listings
* Directions
* Traffic
* Layers
* Street View
* Latitude
* Google Buzz
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2. LauncherPro for Android

top ten most popular android apps in 2010 launcher pro android app

Launcher Pro is a complete Home Replacement app for Android. With super smooth scrolling, Animated screen previews (Like HTC Sense), Up to 7 home screens, App drawer (2D and 3D!) with a fly-in effect and Scrollable shortcut dock your Android Smartphone will look cool enough to show Off! Launcher Pro comes with it’s own HTC Sense  inspired Widgets to customize the Home Screen. Launcher Pro was Download more than 25000 copies on the market. Features of Launcher Pro Android app:
- Super-smooth scrolling
- Animated screen previews (liExposéosé or HTC Sense)
- Up to 7 home screens
- App drawer (2D and 3D!) with a fly-in effect and smooth scrolling
- Scrollable shortcut dock
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3. MP3 Music Download Android

MP3 Music Download for Android is a simple tool to help you search and download mp3 music using public search engine. This app is works amazing that you wouldn’t believe how easily you can find songs that you are looking for. Features of the MP3 Music Download Android app:
- Search, preview, download mp3
- Play, delete mp3
- set a ringtone, alarm, notification

Mp3 music download

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4. Gmail

The dedicated Gmail application integrated with Contacts and Android applications. latest version of Gmail give Froyo-enabled devices  support In priority Inbox. If you’re using Priority Inbox in your desktop Gmail interface, the “Important” label on your Android phone will show you all of the messages that are flagged as important. You can also add a shortcut to “Important” on your phone’s home screen.

Gmail Andorid App

Features of Gmail Android:
* Email pushed automatically to your phone
* Search all your messages
* Acces synched messages when off line
* View messages by conversation
* Multiple Gmail accounts
* Stars, labels, and many other features

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5. Pandora internet radio Android

Pandora Radio is your own FREE personalized radio now available to stream music on your phone.  Start with the name of one of your favorite artists, songs or classical composers and Pandora will create a “station” that plays their music and more music like it.  Already a Pandora User? Just log in to enjoy your stations.
Pandora internet radio
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6. Flash Player 10.1 Android

Enjoy full web experience with Flash player support on your AndroSmartphoneone. Flash Player performance depends on your device. If your device is not listed at http:/adobe.com/go/cd1, Flash Player may not run optimally. By clicking “Install” I agree to the License Agreement terms at http://adobe.com/go/eum.
Update: Adobe has discontinued support for flash on Android. But you can still download and install from here.

7. Talking Tom Cat Android

Talking Tom Cat Android

Talking Tom Cat is the funniest app for your Android Smartphone. Tom is your pet cat, feed him milk and he will responds to touch and repeats you in a funny voice. You can pet him, poke him or grab his tail. A lot of Fun!

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8. Angry Birds Lite Beta Android

Angry Birds Lite Beta Android

Beta test version of Angry Birds Lite. The survival of the Angry Birds is at stake! Dish out revenge on the greedy pigs who stole their eggs. Use the unique powers of each bird to destroy the pigs’ fortresses. Angry Birds features challenging physics-based gameplay that requires logic, skill, and force to crush the enemy.

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9. TweetCaster for Twitter:

TweetCaster for Twitter

TweetCaster is the #1 must-have Twitter app for Android with virtually every feature including:
OlR tweet re-tweet
Threaded Messages
Photo/Video upload
URL shortening/prTweetCaster
Caster innovations include:
Multiple Twitter accounts
Widget with multiple sizes
Multiple themes
Facebook Twitlonger

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10. Advanced Task Killer Android

Advanced Task Killer
Advanced Task Killer is also known as ATK. It is a tool to kill applications running. With Advanced Task Killer you can terminate Unnecessary running background apps and speed up your Smartphone. Uninstall, reinstall and restart your phone to solve Froyo issues, Long press go to ‘Force Stop’
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