New Android App releases – Pixolor, Track & Treat& More


Discover the top free new android app on google playstore this week.

You would be surprised with the number of new Android app releases hitting Play Store each week. This week Google playstore got some great and unique new apps. We have combined these and more to create a great list of new Android app, which you can enjoy below.

7 latest android app you must download this week.

Pixolor (FREE)

Pixolor - color picker tool for android

8.5Pixolor is an application with a very specific use. It’s a pixel detector that allows you to know the exact color of any element on the screen with just focus “lens” of the application. So you can generate a palette of colors or simply use that color attracts you to some element.

Boomerang from Instagram (FREE)

Boomerang from Instagram new android app

7.8Boomerang from Instagram is an application that lets you convert images in bursts of up to four seconds of video that can be played forward and backward. It is simple to use since it has a single button to start capturing, and all subsequent process is transparent to the user. You can easily enjoy your creation and share with friends on social networks.

Track and Treat by Glympse (FREE)

Track and Treat by Glympse android app

8.0Designed specifically for Halloween, Track & Treat is a simple application that allows one or more users to track the same person from the desktop or a mobile device. To start using this application, you only need to install it and invite friends to share their location with you.

Samsung Smart View (FREE)

Samsung Smart View app for android

8.2If you are someone who has a Samsung TV and Android (anyone other than Samsung), this application is very useful for you. Samsung SmartView is a useful method of controlling a Samsung SmartTV from any Android mobile. With this app, you can send videos, photos and music stored your mobile device to Samsung TV screen.

Vacation Planning (FREE)

Vacation Planning app for android

8.1If you are going on a vacation and want to organise and manage your trip in an efficient manner, Vacation Planner is an easy to use app for you. It lets you maintain your journey itinerary, and record your flight schedule. You can keep a list of your contacts along with your packing list. Also the app lets you track your expenses and stay on your budget.

Snowball – Smart Notifications (FREE)

Snowball - Smart Notifications app for mobile

8.3Notifications are excellent, until you get too many. Snowball is a useful app that can help you receive notifications you want and nothing more. Automatically it rids of notifications you do not want and without overlooking important notifications. Simply slide a notification to hide or prioritize future notifications for that application.

ForeSee Mobile Portal (FREE)

ForeSee Mobile Portal app

7.5ForeSee is a fascinating app that can give you information about the customer satisfaction of your organization or company in real time. ForeSee provides easy to understand graphs and statistics on everything you want to know.

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