The 10 best Android apps you may not know existed. These apps are free, funny, curious and will delight you.

There is a chance you probably never heard of these top quality free android we are about to describe. Even thought some of the following apps are little known, they are truly amazing and can be very handy at various aspect. Download them and take your android device’s productivity into a higher level.

10 best promising android apps you don’t know existed

1. SMS Text Messaging & Group MMS (FREE)

8.5MightyText is a tool that allows you to synchronize your Android with your computer to send and receive text messages from the comfort of your desktop. This app works with both Windows and Mac systems. Texting will be much more comfortable and easy with this app.

2. MinuteCast by AccuWeather (FREE)

8.8SkyMotion is the Android version of the famous iPhone app Dark Sky. SkyMotion predicts with high efficiency when the rain will start, its intensity, and precisely when it will end. To provide the most accurate data, Sky Motion cleverly mixes geolocation, weather radar and motion tracking tools to predict rain, snow, hail and more. SkyMotion is multiplatform and free.

3. Sky Map (FREE)

8.3A perfect solution for those who want to discover the stars and planets. With Google Sky Map, you will see the stars through another look. Google Sky Map shows constellations of stars that lie in the direction in which you point your Android. That is, what is shown on the screen corresponds to the current constellation and location. The integrated motion sensor makes this possible.

4. AndroZip FREE File Manager (FREE)

8.0AndroZip is a decompression utility, with which you can explore and manage files compressed into ZIP from your Android terminal. Basically, it is a browser file with the functions typical of its type such as: browse through the structure of folders, copy, move, delete, view properties, attachments to email and foremost, create and unpack ZIP files and other variants as APK, JAR, WAR, EAR, TAR, GZIP and BZIP2.


µTorrent- Torrent Downloader (FREE)

8.6If you’re into torrents, you’ll want to get uTorrent that allows virtually everything you do in your desktop client uTorrent. You can search for torrents online, download files directly to Android. There’s no speed or size limits for downloads.

6. shopkick: Rewards & Deals (FREE)

8.1Shopkick is a location based application that allows you to accumulate points just to visit many of the major retailers, like Macy’s, Old Navy, and Best Buy. Elements of analysis on your smartphone and shopping that can earn even more points. The points can be redeemed for gift cards at your favorite stores.

7. BlueChat (FREE)

7.5This is a very simple demonstration program that uses Bluetooth to enable chat between two paired Bluetooth devices. For this, you must need to install the app on both devices.

8. ProxyDroid (FREE)

7.5ProxyDroid is another useful for those who need to set proxy IP on their Android devices for one or more reasons. This app allows you to set a proxy on your device very easily. ProxyDroid can support multiple profiles and even use a proxy for various applications. It supports NTLM and NTLMv2 as authentication methods. It can be set depending on whether you use 3G or Wifi connection.

9. Wikitude (FREE)

8.0Wikitude is an application of augmented reality for Android. It allows you to use the mobile phone camera to interact with the immediate environment. In this way, you can get information from different places seeking services within a city and more.

10. CamDictionary (FREE)

7.6CamDictionary for Android is an application of real-time translation that can take you out of trouble easily when faced with a text in another language. You only need to focus the camera lens on the writings, and then CamDictionary will recognize and translate the text immediately.

Do you know any other Android apps that are worth downloading but remain unknown or little known? Share them with other Android users through the comment section below.

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