10 best new free Android Apps & Games for May 2014


Ride a dragon, travel in time and go wild in Vegas with the pick of the best new free Android apps & games for May 2014.

How is your apps discovery mission going? Welcome back to our monthly android apps & games roundup. Many new android apps and games has been released recently on play store, but we have chosen the very best free apps and wrap them into our list of best free Android Apps & games for May 2014.

Let’s downlaod and install the Best New Android Apps and games for this month:

1. Piano Tiles

Piano Tiles best new android apps may 2014
Download Piano Tiles

Piano Tiles already has a large fan base from its days known as Don’t Tap the White Tile. The app is simple–you have to avoid tapping the colorless cover. By drumming just the black tiles in a game that tests speed and accuracy, this game helps you improve dexterity. Downlaod the app from the Google Play Store link above.

2. LeBron

LeBron android apps of the month may 2014
Download LeBron App

Libran is exactly what the name suggests–an app about Libran James. The app offers full access to Libran’s life during his games, time and drive to fame with images and videocassette. It also offers prosperity of never facing seen footage of the Miami Heat player. You’ll be able to transfer this app from the Google Play Store link above.

3. Dragon Friends

Dragon Friends android game
Download Dragon Friends

Dragon Friends is quickly becoming one of the top Android apps you can get for free. This world of adventure allows you to breed your own dragons in a spiritual island. The interactive part of this game makes it truly special as you can connect online and socialize with your friends. You’ll be able to transfer this app from the Google Play Store here.

4. Google Docs

Google Docs android app
Download Google Docs

The Google Docs app is a convenient and easy way to use the same computer app. You can create, edit and share documents with this app which has now become a staple for those with Google accounts. Everything is repeatedly saved in the document so you don’t have to worry about losing any work.

5. Paperama

Paperama android game
Download Paperama

Pipedream has hundreds of thousands of happy customers so far. This app offers you plenty of origami puzzles that include 3D-folding act. The app also comes through a wonderful recording to improve your Pipedream experience and it comes with over 70 puzzles.

6. Red Herring

Red Herring android games
Download Red Herring

Red Herring is one of the top Android games you can download for free. The game consists of grouping words into categories and avoiding the red herring which tries to misinform you. This puzzle game is enjoyable, simple to study and testing at times. You’ll be able to install this game from the Google Play Store link above.

7. Google Camera

Google Camera app for android devices
Download Google Camera

Google Camera is one of the best photo apps out there. This cool app has dozens of features that help you take the right picture for the correct occurrence. Remarkable features take in view mode with lofty decision, lens blur and a better user border. You’ll be able to transfer this app from the Google Play Store here.

8. Disco Zoo

Disco Zoo game for android
Download Disco Zoo

That’s the Disco Zoo motto on the Google have fun Store. The game takes you approximately the world where you collect animals for your Disco Zoo.

9. Make It Rain: Love of Money

Make It Rain- Love of Money android app
Download Make It Rain

Make It Rain: Love of Money is all about… well, making it rain. The game looks at how fast you can make money rain by swiping as a great deal as you can. You finally have to come up with a way to invest your money and make it grow in order to succeed. You’ll be able to transfer this app from the Google Play Store here.

10. Stickman Basketball

Stickman Basketball android game
Download Stickman Basketball

Last but not least on your list is Stickman Basketball. This fast-paced basketball game stars stick figures as the players and you can play it in a numeral of modes. The game has three complexity levels, 31 basketball teams to choose from and more.

Google released a list of its top new free Android apps for May 2014 in the Google Play Store. The catalog consists of the month’s top Android apps which have a 3/5 star ranking or upper. Amongst May’s top apps, these are the best. You can give your valuable comment below.