Best Free Android Apps This Week


Let’s checkout 10 Best Free Android Apps Download This Week.

10 Best Free Android Apps This Week

Been busy shopping for christmas? Spare a little time to download 10 Best Free Android Apps This Week. As usual developers cooked plenty of apps for Android smartphone tablet since our last post about Top 10 Free Android Apps of the Week. In today’s Top free Android Apps of the week we tried to find out some of them which are best quality and of course Free to Download.

Viddy :

Viddy Android App

Sure you will take a lot of picture in Christmas, but what about capturing some live moments and share them with your friends. Viddy android app is great to capture, beautify, and share video from your phone. The app lets you to capture video clips and then beautify them with various effects. There is quite a few effects available from vintage to futuristic. you can also washed out to high contrast which looks very artistic. Once you are done with your movie, one click sharing will allow to upload on almost every popular social network. Hit the widget below to download Viddy Android App.


Piccyboo! :

Piccyboo Android App

Yet another photo and video sharing app but this is what the developers called first real-time picture and video messaging app built for Android. If you have ever used    Snapchat then you are familiar with this kind of app where users can send photos with self delete timer. After a specific period the photo will vanish itself. Well, Piccyboo went further more and let users send videos as well.  Share live moments with time that you set. Being in control is fun, huh!


Google Zeitgeist 2012


As we know every year Google make list of most trending search queries of the year form billion of searches made by users. The list includes everything from Sports to Fashion to the News.  This year google prude to introduce a dedicated app called Google Zeitgeist 2012 which will help users to dig around people, films, events, TV shows and gadgets that were trending on Google’s search engine in 2012.


HowAboutWe Dating :

HowAboutWe Dating Android AppIf you were looking to find dates then HowAboutWe Android app is a must download. the app guarantee that you will find real date with real people as there is already Over 1 million dates have been posted. This offline dating site is so popular that everyday thousands of new people joining. Have some Fun!


aeGis :

aeGis Android Security App

aeGis Android app was developed by CM team member, so you can accept some good thing out of this security app. Protect your sensitive data on your android device if somehow it lost or stolen. You can locate the position of lost phone or Remotely Lock, Wipe, Locate Or Alarm Your Phone With A Text which you have configured earlier. Download aegis Android App from the widget below.


aTorrent BETA – Torrent App :

aTorrent BETA - Torrent App

Previously on Getandoridstuff we have talked about the best BitTorrent client for Android but since aTorrent BETA – Torrent App available for Android, it worth download and try out. Inspired by android holo design the app looks pretty and would be very handy for those who loves to download share files on internet.


Fixed 4.2 Clock Widget :

Fixed 4.2 Clock Widget

Loved those Jelly Bean Goodies app we showed you before? Here is Fixed android 4.2 Clock widget. Enjoy the beautiful clock widget in stunning roboto font. You can add the widget on both home screen and lock screen. Interestingly almost every bit of clock can be customize. There is also a donate version available which allows to select from a full color palette list available to change the look.


Nike Training Club :

Nike Training ClubNike Training Club Android App featuring a series of pre-defined workouts from fro trainers which will help you to get fitted. The app also got some interesting feature such as video game-style achievement system for motivation which can also be adjust with your favorite music. Unlock exclusive workouts from Rihanna’s personal trainer Ary Nuñez and professional athletes like Paula Radcliffe, Alex Morgan and Hope Solo. Let’s start playing music, do the workouts to reward with score and share your progress with friends.


Energy Flow :

Energy Flow Android app

Relax yourself with Energy Flow Android app which is a filmic dream rush of paintings in motion: Energy Flow is an immersive film experience that is unique every time it is played, exploring the complexity of how things are connected in our lives today – the fragile equilibrium between physical, political, and cultural tensions.


Fashion Kaleidoscope :

Fashion Kaleidoscope android app

This app will keep you updated with latest fashion teen d and allow to shop around the world in fun way. Find the latest fashion outfits around the world and instantly know where you can buy them. The design reflects much more like a fashion magazine where clicking on an item will take you to the clothing store to get it.


Oaky, this is it for now. Let us know if you like 10 Best Free Android Apps This Week we mentioned above. Cheers! Also consider to Download Best Free Android Apps of 2012.