10 Best Android Games to Download this Week for FREE


It’s weekend again and the time has arrived for this week’s 10 Best Android Games to Download

The Google OS has become the choice of many, with it’s fast updates and a great number of devices of all shapes and prices. And the play store on andorid offers many great game titles. Let’s checkout 10 best Android Games that you should download this week.

As usual, we search the top free android games for you!

1. Dig to China

Dig to China - andorid games of the week
Download Dig to China

Dig to China is a chunky tile busting digging game, in which you’ll have to dig your way through China, while collecting gold, diamonds, uranium and other resources until the time runs out. Collect as many resources as possible, buy upgrades and power-ups in order to reach as deep as you can and top the Leaderboard.


METAL SLUG DEFENSE game for android

Metal Slug Defense is a game like “Tower Defense”, in which you’ll have to recruit soldiers and build various structures with which to defend your territory and simultaneously attack the enemy. In the game you need to deploy your units on the battlefield strategically to end the enemies bases while you make way through waves of enemies. Metal Slug Defense has over 60 characters to unlock, many special events, and more than 100 steps to overcome. Also you can compete with other players online via Wi-Fi where the goal is to win as many battles to lead the leaderboards.

3. Snailboy

Snailboy andorid games of the week
Download Snailboy

Snailboy is a puzzle game based on physics in which the main character is a snail who is looking for his shells that have been stolen. You have to jump, kick and glide through different scenarios, collecting apples in as many as possible to get 3 stars. When a snail shell is achieved the next stage is unlocked, however the road is not easy as it would have cactus, picks, bees, beetles and other insects that can cause harm.

4. Starborn Wanderers

Starborn Wanderers android game
Download Starborn Wanderers

Starborn Wanderers is an epic RPG game for Android that takes you on a quest through the universe as “wandering”. Explore a vast galaxy while you play through the battle, updating dozens of spacecraft, completing quests, contracts and much more!

5. 1849

1849 android game
Download 1849

Discover the Wild West with the game 1849 for Android. 1849 is a city management game established during the California Gold Rush. Your task is to build cities, fill them with workers, and keep them housed, fed and entertained people. You’ll have to manage and coordinate the extensive networks of production and trade to ensure that your people thrive.

6. Bridge Constructor Medieval

Download Bridge Constructor Medieval

Bridge Constructor Medieval is the continuation of the famous game about building bridges, but now they need to be built in the Middle Ages. Build bridges resistant to transport supplies to the city … or bridges ingeniously designed to collapse under the weight of hostile troops, throwing the enemy hordes in the cliff below. Protect your infantry and horse drawn carts, covered bridges and building structures of stable support. There are a total of five materials available to help you build a perfect bridge: wood, solid wood, stone and rope, plus the new addition of the covered bridge.

7Smash Bandits Racing.

Smash Bandits Racing android game
Download Smash Bandits Racing

Smash Bandits Racing for Android brings a game that could be described as car racing, but something more particular. This time you have to drive a car and must escape the police chase through various scenarios acclimated in America. Basically, this game has little to do with racing, it is not getting caught and destroying everything you face(including police and law enforcement, of course) on the track.


FLASHOUT 2 android game
Download FLASHOUT 2

Flashout 2 lands on Android to bring us the most famous anti-gravity racing in the known universe. After the success of Flashout 3D, this new release comes with many new features and improvements in order to become the best racing game for Android spacecraft. Flashout 2 includes improvements in driving, physical and artificial intelligence opponents, better graphics, new tracks, ultrafast vehicles with guns and pistols, along with new and improved game modes.

9. City Domination – mafia gangs andorid game

City Domination – mafia gangs andorid game
Download City Domination

City Domination is the first geolocated strategy game that you play where you live. The goal is to conquer and control the largest possible territory with the help of your gang of mobsters.

10. Hazumino Lite

Download Hazumino Lite
Hazumino Lite andorid game
Hazumino for Android is an interesting game that combines relentless endless-runner with tricky block puzzle gameplay. In the game you’ll have to run, jump and build your way to new worlds and high scores in Hazumino. Play with a range of characters in cool worlds, compete against your friends and become a Hazumino master!

Enjoy 10 Best Android Games to Download this Week for FREE. Hopefully, you will have a good android gaming time in the weekend. Let us know in the comments section which other games you are playing this week.

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